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I found an amazing man we have a lot in common we fell in love instantly and its amazing we both have kids and he's now the love of my life and I hope it works out and we get married thank im glad I found him I love you jhr2012 your the love of my life I love you baby please never leave
-hotmomma1991 (20/F/Minnesota)


Jessica has something good in her and I like that. So she makes a day short and madness ok. At this time we are dating this is where the trust between usa must survive,.this will make us or break us. Jessica sees the good in things around her.
-tylliono (26/M/Michigan)


I met someone i really like alot. Im not interested in meeting anymore friends now. Im not sure where this is going. All i know is he is the only one i see:) thank you Andres keep up the good work.
-kellikel (29/F/Indiana)


I met a wonderful girl on here n her name is breanna or daddysvampire shes the best n we r tlking a family already n more BREANNA I LOVE YOU
-Churchman23 (22/M/Idaho)


Thanks this site is great... I found my soulmate! This site is the best the bomb!
-sweetkush72 (40/F/Michigan)


Meet my very best friend in the whole wide world on this site when I really never thought I would! It's been great and it happened in such a shirt time. Thank you thank you thank you! Peace, I'm out!
-Bigbadman1980 (32/M/Texas)


i met the man of my dream,my life,my world,my future,my fanatsy ,my imagination,my god,my food,my money,my water,my air,my fire,my bed,my blanket,my pillow,my books
-starcandyz (20/F/India)


I met someone very handsome and sweet. I love you Jim :) hope everyine will find what they are looking for. Thanks and thanks my love
-Prettywoman (23/F/Philippines)


I found a soulmate, a friend & above all a lover. He is the best thing that has happened to my life. We have not yet made any commitments but both hope things will work out to what we want. We are two people very much in love & achieving our objectives should not be a problem. Thank you I will not hesitate to refer friends & relatives to the site
-Makunene (47/F/Zimbabwe)


i meet some one here she is my world id never have met her if it wazent for this site we are going good n have twins n a view to marriage!.the site found me the perfect one for me!. im as happy as i could be thank u
-willishuge (29/M/Australia)



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