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I was on here once and met this amazing guy. For some reason we stopped talking. I decided to try it once more and I met the same amazing guy! I am so in love with him. I love you skyler and can't wait to be your wife :)
-thickmom23 (23/F/alabama)


Yes ! First off i want thank this mobi website it was a decent experience. However i met some friends along the way. I have met a very special lady on here that I want to see how things will go and where but we both indeed know it will turn into marriage in the near future. I never believed in meeting people through websites but i am okay with this considering circumstance. I hope you all find you're special soul mate out there. I think one true happiness is to love and to be loved however its not the only way to true happiness. Thanks for reading this and remember never give up and always love life and love who you are! My god bless us all.
-heatwave (26/M/Florida)


I fall in love and I dont want this to mess it up with him....... and I think I can be happy with out this.
-chassity2526 (26/F/Alabama)


I met a wonderful women and with good chance of engagment in the future. thank you for this site. it didnt take long on this site befor i got snaged up and now she wants me to delete this page lol so no one else can steal me away from her lol so here i am. pray that it works out or i may be back
-Cherrio91 (23/M/New Jersey)


I never even saw a pic of him,until I gv him my phone number I fall head over heels for him.I hope it will last a long time He just so sweet and know all the rite words to say to me,a pure gentleman of my heart u know who ur and am proud that u pick me,I love him more then words can say.Thanks for ur site I hv find what I want
-loveangel (39/F/Virginia)


i met this wonderful woman that wants to have kids and start a family. We clicked right off the bat and she is so wonderful and caring person. She stole my heart from hello and i know we will be together for a long time. I want to thank you all so much for giving us the opportunity to meet on your site. Its a great place and I know that if it was for being here i would have never have met this spiecal woman. Thank you all very much. I hope your site has many many success stories to tell.
-Larry2222 (43/M/Florida)


Its a great site. My gf name is ayesha sharma. Wo bahot achi h. Me yha sirf timepas k liye aaya tha. Ab me ja rha hu.. Hope k aap sbko apne apne dream galz/boyz mil jaye :) tc
-Karan779 (19/M/India)


I met a amazing woman through this site we are perfect for each other she is amazing and accepts me for me she does not judge me for my past mistakes and wants to build a life with me I have had bad luck with dating sites but yours really works thank you so much.
-carin25 (25/M/United Kingdom)


I met someone very handsome and sweet. I love you Jim :) hope everyine will find what they are looking for. Thanks and thanks my love
-Prettywoman (23/F/Philippines)


hello thanx for the good work.I have met someone here we are good together.We met in person during December holidays. We did chat here for six months then he came visiting me all the way from UK to my country Kenya.I am done searching now THANK YOU
-Jackie80 (34/F/Kenya)



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