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I met a man here that has absolutely changed my life. He is everything I've ever wanted and more. We're meeting in a week and I can't wait! I hope something good will come out of this. Best of luck to everyone else on here looking for that special one. Don't worry, you'll find them :)
-Butterfly21 (21/F/USA)


I found someone amazing here and i couldnt be happier and i never had to spend a dime one this site thanks. i will definetly return if i don't work out. i can wait to marry her because she is the women of my dreams and this site helped me find her in one week
-jackdaniels7925 (18/M/New York)


I would like to thank you for your site. I met alot of interesting people and some that I will continue to stay in contact with. I have met someone outside your site. He is wonderful and I hope of marriage. Should it not work out with him. I will certainly join your site again. Thank you
-Lorie (23/F/USA)


I enjoy her so much. I have found my everything and more. I love her so much. This site has been so helpful in my search for true love. We share so much together. She is so amazing, beautiful and sexy in everysingle way.
-dannyg271983 (28/M/South Carolina)


I am leaving mobi. Thankyou sooooo. Much for all you have done. I have found the man of my dreams. Im 34 and he is 21. Miltary smart and loving. Love is what i needed. He traveled 1500miles from south dakota to ohio to be with me. We will probably get married and have beautiful babies. Thanks mobi!:)
-redflowers (35/F/Ohio)


I have found the woman of my dreamn. She is everything i want . She is honest caring loving fun and she wants me for me. I am moving to nevada to be with her. I had a lot of conversations on her. Met a lot of weman. Some good some bad. But not of them compare with the way she makes me feel
-lookn4luv (36/M/West Virginia)


Please dalete my account I have met the queen on my heart. The site is intresting and thanks for making me meet the woman of my dream. The site is the best and I will ever be greateful. Keep up with the good works. The sky is your limit
-fabray (28/M/South Africa)


Well, I'm positive that I found someone amazing. Her name is Lavinne and wow, she is one of a kind and it couldn't be going any better. We talk every day and its just going super so far so I'm very eager to see where this leads and that's why I don't want my account anymore :) I'm as happy as I can be right now. Goodluck to everyone out there and just be patient, your match will find you and vice versa.
-HugableTorsten (21/M/South Africa)


I enjoyed my time on this site and found some one amazing and beautifull. She is my world and we were ment for eachother. We are getting engaged soon and cant wait till we do lol. Thanks for helping me out.
-10inchofpleasure (25/M/United Kingdom)


i met someone here they make me really happy so leaving the site to be with him and only him so much thanks to this site i am now happy and with someone who truely loves me.thanks will not be returning.
-fierylady26 (26/F/United Kingdom)



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