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Omg this site is so amazn i never thought i would find my dream guy..but i did and where planning to meet in June so happy thank you
-DiamondJ (18/F/North Carolina)


I found the most wonderful woman and she is the love of my life and we couldn't be happier and someday we plan on getting married and starting a family of our own so thank you for all your help.
-Mullins00001 (21/M/Texas)


Met someone amazing. I foresee things going far. Just gotta dig through the trash to find that hidden treasure. Glad we found each other :)
-whywonder87 (24/F/North Carolina)


Found wat i was looking for after being on here for 2 days her name is jamie n shes amazing n we have so much in common n we r planning our future nw goodbye n i am deleting this for her cuz shes more important
-Cutesexyman1989 (24/M/Idaho)


I have meet someone here and I need to delete my profile cause I don't want any other guy think I am still available for dating
-emily3322 (32/F/California)


I was new to this. A minnow swimming with sharks. Always have "FAITH".Get past the sharks and u might just see another minnow looking for the same thing.THIS SITE IS REAL,SO ARE THE ONES LOOKING FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE. Best of luck to all that are truly looking.
-Tx1964 (47/M/Texas)


i have met the most beautiful woman here and i am so happy:-) i have been looking for over to years now and finaly i have found her. thankyou hopefuly one day we will meet and marry, once again thankyou and i hope i never have to come back here.
-MAL1970 (41/M/United Kingdom)


thank u so much to this site and the creat0r. this site helped me found my tarzan and an intstant cheetah lol and we've decided to leave the site for we d0nt need it anym0re.
-anuf (24/F/Saudi Arabia)


Thanks for helping me find my real true love its been a long journey and now its time to finally leave this site ima missyou you really are a good friend and you came in handy
-Joker101 (18/M/New Zealand)


Met someone awesome get along good. Hope things work out who knows what the ffuture holds. Who knows I could find myself falling in luv with him forever
-jillianmarie (39/F/Canada)



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