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i am not sure if he is the right guyws but he is better than wht i have dated b4 so i am hopin for the best. Thank you for helpin me find him.
-darkfaith (28/F/Texas)


Ive met my soulmate i never would have thought in a million years that i would meet the woman of my dreams on a social network ive allways been the old fashion type thanks for finding my other and better half :-)
-Motivation2011 (27/M/Georgia)


Yea I met someone........ hes a sweetheart almost been two months together not long but also I'm tired of people on here always sexting me I don't sext so that's why I'm deleteing this thanks for the help good luck everyone I hope you all fine your special someone
-hammster1234 (18/F/Nevada)


It took me not very long to find someone and i didnt really have to try britney came to my page and buged me about contacting here. She is the love of my life anbd i couldnt be happier. She dose so much for me. We balance one another out and i think she is my angel sent from up above. I plan on marrying this girl. I love her
-Sandman2011 (25/M/Oregon)


Well actually the guy i met on here found me and he is awesome caring funny and understands me he likes the things i do we have soooo much in common n its wonderful n now i dont need to be on here anymore thank u
-razzberry26 (30/F/Minnesota)


howdy ya'll well i met a woman bout 4 mos ago we were friends cus each of us had someone else. we became best friends then fell in love. thanxs for the mile ya'll i dont think ill be back. Good things do come to those who wait. Goodbye and goodluck
-RomeoCowboy1 (34/M/Heaven)


I met a amazing girl on here so i thank the site so much she is a really down to earth wot i was looking for ive found we have a lot in common ie hobbles, so think will be my soul mate, never thought id find someone on here but i have and im so thankfully to the site for it, we are spending time at each other house, really enjoying each others company
-Mufc88 (24/M/United Kingdom)


I found someone great and funny...just the way he is. though we live in different place we'll find away to working on it. Deleting this account now thank you for having me in short time
-declin (31/F/Indonesia)


Thankyou i was divorced and lonely. Met a lovely guy locally in same position we hit it off and had loads in common. Its a easy way to chat for a bit then arrange a date.
-kimmy74 (38/F/United Kingdom)


I met my King, his everything and more! I dont want to talk to anyone else! Thank u without u i would never have found him. As for the weirdo's thank you for all the laughs.
-starshine26 (48/F/South Africa)



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