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thank you for letting me use this site. it has been a big help i have met so many great respectful nice people. it helped me meet the man of my dreams, John. There as many guys that didnt sho ,e very good respect that had pictures of thier ***** that made me feel very uncomfortable but thank you for all the enjoyment!
-Aubry03 (18/F/USA)


Thanks for all your help as i will no longer need you. This site works just don't b afraid to message someone bc u never know he/she just maybe the one
-1987mike (25/M/Michigan)


met an amazing guy on here were starting a life together i cant wait happier then ive been in years hes amzing and i am falling in love with him
-AngleEyes13 (22/F/Maine)


Found her and we are talking for now
-circlez2013 (21/M/Illinois)


this sit was cool i have meet alote of nice peaple on here..i hope that more peaple find what they are looking for on here.this site is a ok site to be on.i have been on other sites and it is not like this one.i hope that every one finds what they are looking for on here and not another site.good luck on what you are looking for in life and i hope you find it on here.gob bless and have a good day
-chula301 (31/F/Texas)


I have met someone here and cannot see a day go by without being able to talk to them or be spending time with them in one way or another. She is the most wonderful woman, and I don't have to look very far into my heart to know that, so, I have no reason to be here any longer and I wish everyone the best of times with their search. Good will and good times to each and everyone of you, spread the word about this is doing great things. Peace and Joy, Bones
-Bones1976 (35/M/Texas)


this site was fun, theres alot of horny people looking for fun, should allow more naked pics tho, i would recommend it to alotof people, but there are a few freaks as are there are everywhere haha
-firefighter69 (31/M/Canada)


I met some one on here.we **** all the time and we do it every where and he dose it to me rough in my *** till he **** then he forces it down my ****** till he **** then **** all over my face and ****
-jen20212223 (19/F/United Kingdom)


Met a beautiful and funny girl on here. I don't care that she lives half way around the world. We will make this work and be happy together, wherever that may ve
-Steven180 (29/M/United Kingdom)


I have found my soul mate in here i love him so much and i want things to work out between and hopefully get married distance doesn,t matter but respect and committment is what builds a relationship thank you i hope i won,t be back
-Mayoumi (27/F/Kenya)



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