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I met the most amazing man on this site. Our 4th month is coming up soon. I plan on spending forever with him. Hes everything i want. thank you so much :)
-ashley94 (18/F/Texas)


I Met The Love of My Life She Is So Beautiful Loving & Understanding. I Hope You Do Too. Love Is Not Always Hard To Find So When You Find That Special Someone Love Life & Live. This Site Helped Me & I Hope It Will Help You.
-TeddyB90 (21/M/Georgia)


We met a while back on here but lost touch....months and months later, believe it or not, he found me again! He is unbelievably sweet, patient, funny, and handsome. I look forward to hopefully a long and bright future with him! Thanks!!
-gunangel (27/F/Colorado)


Hi it was ok met some and she is get love her to death we are engaged hope everyone finds someone don't know what else to say
-leelee420 (29/M/Texas)


This site is the best. I might be back but I've met Jerry from New Mexico. We will be living together soon and have family as we have promised each other. Its all started from text and here
-prettymelly (30/F/New Jersey)


what can i say i came to just find friend just someone to talk to and get to know spend time together and i found just that she even shares here rice crispy treats with me hahaha thanks dm
-aintanother (30/M/North Carolina)


I have met someone here and thank for making it posible for making it happen to me.
-Little84 (31/F/Ghana)


I have met someone wonderfull on here we have not stopped chatting since the first text message, we are very happy and hope to meet soon, thank you and goodbye
-welshie46 (46/M/United Kingdom)


no it not led me to marge or any other thing but she is just become my most beloved friend.i my heart become very joy ful after hearding her voice .
-midej (19/M/India)


met sm1 nice person here i wana find a match and i found,,i thank dis site 4 helping me to find sm1 spl ,,,,,,thanku,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yhanku very very very very very very very very very much,,,,,,dis site to all my friend,,,,,,,,,,,i will recomend dis site to all my frirnds u dating mobi///////////love
-Sid18 (18/M/India)



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