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Thank u so much for this site i have met so many people including the love of my life he makes me so happy we talked on here a few times now that we r talking to each other on the phone i don't need this anymore i hope that this is a long term relationship thank you again for letting me meet him
-1983 (29/F/Illinois)


found someone that makes my heart beat faster an its an undeniable match that makes me believe in love again an all in all it happened in one morning
-jerico6388 (24/M/Mississippi)


He is a very nice guy and I love him with all my heart and I want to start a family with so thank u. And he is a special person to me and does not lie to me or do not use me for my money
-chassity2648 (26/F/Georgia)


i met someone very very very special on this site. I was skeptical at first because this was my first time on a dating site but wow it really helped. Thanks
-Timothysmith (29/M/Georgia)


After all this time something remarkable has happened, I found love! A perfect match without fear where both of us can face each day knowing we are doing it together 100%. Thank you !
-creeicia (43/F/Texas)


thanks i met the perfect waman the sex is great banging body we r getting married and starting a family ones on the way i love her so much!!!!!
-luv2cuddle (34/M/North Carolina)


Thanks to this site i have found someone i really luv n cherish he also luvs me too.he will be coming to my country nxt month to meet me.we have olready planned of getin married.i will encourage the rest of u here to be patient n u will find the one who truelly love you
-Muna (18/F/Ghana)


Thanks and Goodbye all hope you find here, i already find him here he is a simpleman.......i d0nt want to stay here anym0re ok i just hope we will be happy soon
-jazzme222 (29/F/Philippines)


Thanks Unexpectedly I found my love here . Best dating site.. For now goodbye . I hope and pray that our love will workout. Ill be back if our lovestory will not workout. God bless everyone hope u can find your loce..
-Fenee (21/F/Philippines)


i met what i was looking for,i needed adventure and i got it.
-jeangeorge (23/M/Kenya)



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