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I am deletein my profile cause i have met a great guy on here:) and we are planning on moving in together next week keep this site free and up if it wouldnt for yall i wouldn't have met the most sweetist guy! People out there dont give up on love love will find you
-Hazelgurl (19/F/Tennessee)


I met a girl here she's amazing beautiful fun funny smart and just means the world to me I appreciate this website it helped me meet her and she's the best
-kyle4591 (21/M/Arizona)


Hello Goodbye! I met someone who is very interesting, and hope to meet him someday.. Hes a good friend.. AydenFireArcher im talking about you!! :D
-TrueStoryBro (18/F/Arizona)


I just wanna thank the folks at this site. If it wasnt for i would never have met the wonderful woman who has now become a big part of my life. I never thought i would be this happy again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
-Jaja8711 (25/M/Arkansas)


i have met someone on the site here. we are engaged to be married in 5 months. I have moved my girls to be with him and his son. We are also expected our first child together in 6 months. I would like to thank mobi for helping me find my true love. without him life was dull. i can"t wait till our baby is here we are all excited . Thank you again and i wish everyone on here has a happy ending like we do.
-busty (30/F/New York)


This is a true match maker i will remember i met my sexxy baby on here me and her have big plans in the future thank you for making me happy in life again i will for sure recomend this site to my single friends thank you
-terminick (31/M/California)


please advertise more this site.. and hope we could add lots of pictures here.. and i hope there would be restriction who post nude pictures.. and please keep the profile secure from web search.. profile should be not searchable on the web.. thank you
-lovetiffa (24/F/Philippines)


I meet the life of my life now i dont need this site am from kenya and she is from america we are planning to relocate thank u site..or right thats it am off am glad ths site help me fulfil my dreams
-Plenc (22/M/Kenya)


i meet a w0ndenful man on this site...but i accidentally dump i decided to make a an0ther account to continue talking to him....and im g0ing to delete this account..but thanks!!
-mspisces (26/F/Philippines)


Met someone in here and he's very awesome, thanks for and thanks to andres...from ur site, I met my boyfriend In here :)...and your site is very great and I had some awesome friends tho from here...once again, thank you very much
-adakadabra (37/F/Indonesia)



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