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I wanna thank because i wouldnt have met my one and only. hes sweet...caring..loving and everything i ever wanted in a man. hes my other half thats ive been waiting for. we almost instantly connected. we knew only the frist few days thats we were the one for one another. I love him already. And there is no need for me to have this site running with my picture anymore! Ive never thought id find someoneo as amazing as he is! Thank you so much again! you are really good at match making!
-sweeteyez (22/F/Massachusetts)


Thank you for the chance to meet someone one here for free... I wish more sites would be like this. You guys are amazing and hopefully i wont need to use this site again, thank you so much again
-chadluse (29/M/Indiana)


Been with the love of my life for almost a year we now have a beautiful baby girl I wouldnt change anything for the world because they are the whole world to me and more I love both my babies with all my heart and cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him n our family (and future kids as well) I love you so much Lee.
-amandamichelle (20/F/Texas)


shes the love my life and dnt nobody cme between me and my fiancee shes means the world to and i dnt wnt to lose her im very happy with her cnt wait to marry her down the road
-jackheadjr (22/M/Delaware)


I have met a special someone on this site. I will see where it goes from here and if it doesnt work out I will be back. Thanks I pray it will take us far.
-prettypink (30/F/Texas)


I was new to this. A minnow swimming with sharks. Always have "FAITH".Get past the sharks and u might just see another minnow looking for the same thing.THIS SITE IS REAL,SO ARE THE ONES LOOKING FOR THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE. Best of luck to all that are truly looking.
-Tx1964 (47/M/Texas)


i have met sum1 idnt feel the need 2 b here.i am getting engaged to the guy i luv.we are plang 2 get married m proud of him...and we are plang 2 get start a family too.that will be very good...let our children also knw we hav met at this sitd
-starcndyz (19/F/India)


It only took a couple of months but i found this sweet romantic girl i have been looking for years she completes me i know it will be love thank you i hope everyone finds what i found she is just perfect good luck to everyone on here and thank you so much
-Ma88 (24/M/United Kingdom)


It is a great site.It helped me a lot.Thank you for this opinion.I 've met a girl that make me happy and I hope this will work.Thank you for giving us the choise to chat from our phones quickly and in an easy way.
-snake260889 (24/M/Romania)


I found awesome girl here and we are doing great so its time to setle down and say good bye to this site and move on with the love of my life and start a famly together and move in with each other and one day get married hopfully soon
-sukhi (24/M/Canada)



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