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He is so perfect! ive never loved anyone so much! hes an amazing guy and i hope i can be with him for the rest of my life<3 Hes amazing cute funny and i just cant say how much i love him in words. Thank you<3
-Kortney18 (19/F/Wisconsin)


I met my girl on here her name is amanda n she is the best thing ever shes amazing n every way she is now living with me n we are expecting our first baby. We are working to get money for our baby...babies r expensive
-leelee83 (28/M/Texas)


i have meet the man i want 4ever and always and were geting marryed halloweed thank u so much with out this site i would have not find the love of my life i love u eric 4ever and always
-daddyvampire (18/F/Tennessee)


Im happy to say i have found a truly good hearted woman on this sight thank you soooooooooooooooo much me and her are one and the same and we plan to get married at the end of the year you guys have made a really awesome dating world thanks again!
-metalhead8484 (27/M/Pennsylvania)


I met someone through this sight a day after I set up my account. He seems like an excellent match for me. Although there many who shouldn't consider dating that have profiles here, this ones a keeper surprisingly. Thank You
-moonstar (33/F/New Hampshire)


I have meet someone and couldnt be happier..i know i will marry her one day thats for sure..hope everyone has the sucess that i have had and it was a long time coming so dont give up..tthis site does have some awsome ppl and also made a few friends..enjoy the fourms there alot of fun and a great way to put urself out there..good luck to all and thanks
-Donnie007 (34/M/Florida)


i met someone im going to marry and have kids with. he is wonderful and loves me for who i am. he is a special man and im a lucky woman. im madly in love with him. an he is crazy in love with me. i cant wait for us to get married and have kids. he wants to be my husband an i want to be his wife forever.
-babylittle (30/F/Ghana)


Well she honest and caring, the perfect girl for me, she is beautiful cant wait meet her and know her better and see where goes she amazing and i can totally see myself with her in the future hope everyone has as much luck as i did.
-Mufc24 (24/M/United Kingdom)


yes i met someone  so special here but its complicated, so i decided to go., and although its not a happy ending but i thank you, for i met some wonderful people here., thank you again and God bless!
-maqs (39/F/Philippines)


Thankyou i was divorced and lonely. Met a lovely guy locally in same position we hit it off and had loads in common. Its a easy way to chat for a bit then arrange a date.
-kimmy74 (38/F/United Kingdom)



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