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i found the man of my dreams on this site. I am moving to him this month of february 25 woohoo. i have been on this site for a long time, actually twice and i thought i was a joke but it isnt. we are a great couple and in love. thank you again for helping me find him :}
-marlysparks (24/F/Idaho)


i meet a beautiful girl and she is amazing calls me on the bull sh*t and dont let me get away with anything she may be the one for life i hope any way good bye and thank u
-matthias8913 (22/M/Colorado)


it has not led to an engagement or marriage i think i should take my relationship off this website and i am now not looking it has been very useful thanks
-Kgirl (20/F/Oregon)


i Really Appreciate you so much on this site. Anyway i must tell you i found the right woman of My Life and we gonna be Happy Married so soon...
-FatAl23 (18/M/Oklahoma)


I have met a man that has became my world! Thank you and so glad I met the man I was looking for on here! We are texting and talking everyday. He makes me smile and gives me confidence. Cant wait to be with him and love him forever. Love you Skyler!
-sexkitten30 (31/F/Michigan)


Met my sweetheart here. She is abroad but plan to bring her to the usa. Ur site is great and very easy to navigate through. I highky reccommend ur site to anyone looking to meet someone. Thanks.
-goldcanyon57 (57/M/Arizona)


Lovable,caring,honest,trustworthy guy. Just one click wow its so nice to be here but im no longer need this site. So thanks for joining me here. I meet my soulmate. He planning to visit here in my place. Dont worry i will let my friends join here!
-BeMyMan (20/F/Philippines)


"I met a great lady on here and puuing my focus on her only.i expected nothing great to happen but thats when great things happen.and neither her nor i had pics posted so dont be shallow and not contact someone because of no pic"
-Dk84 (28/M/India)


It only took a couple of months but i found this sweet romantic girl i have been looking for years she completes me i know it will be love thank you i hope everyone finds what i found she is just perfect good luck to everyone on here and thank you so much
-Ma88 (24/M/United Kingdom)


I met someone SPECIAL on here.  He say he will be there for me in future.  I hope that everyone on here will find that someone special.  To my friend Louisa, take care and be safe.  God bless.  To all the friends I met, you will always be in my thoughts and thank you for the time you took to spend with me and make me feel good.  BYE MY FRIENDS!!!  I'll MISS YOU ALL.  Thank you, your site is SPECIAL!!!
-kaptein (47/F/South Africa)



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