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I didnt think much of this site to be honest and then i got that special "wink". I didnt know it was special but I do now. he is wonderful and i wouldnt have found him if it wasnt for this awesome site. THANKS!
-vbar (26/F/Texas)


Well i believe this is my third time ive tried this site. but this time i may have found that person. she lives in new york and is looking to relocate. this is different but i think it might work this time so here we go. she is an amazing woman and i hope the best comes out of it. thanx mobi. u might have found what i was looking for. so lets see what happens
-jayrod25 (25/M/Arkansas)


I met the man of my dreams, my soul mate, on this site. We`re moving in together, going to start a family, and eventually get married, so I don`t need my account anymore =] thank you so much!
-victoriaj91 (21/F/Washington)


I found a. Wonderful girl. She made me feel my heart again I trust and Love her aiming this site help me find true Love the world is coming too beehives she is wonderful everyone not
-awsometim (25/M/Ohio)


i have met a amazing woman on here. We have really hit it off an are hopin to have a long relationship together. We are planning a trip to meet each other in ther very near future. Thank you
-cricket1981 (31/F/Kentucky)


Met someone here and don't need this right now hopefully this will work out but I will decently refer people to this lite and see if they can find there special someone just like I did
-hotguy2222 (31/M/Kansas)


i met someone here and he is making me happy but distance is keeping but we are all happy and enjoying each other. We are planing to meet verysoonthank you
-mla1970 (42/F/South Africa)


Met the one on here. Excellent site, i like the mobile number verified and trupic and dump facilities. It makes you feel safe. I have no time here anymore because i get so busy with my baby...:) Good luck everyone and thank you!
-RiLaRa (33/F/India)


i met someone special on here he is really a great guy and i love him very much his name is steve and where getting married really soon we found each other i know no he is my soulmate. were both having a great time together were gonna have children to together so everything is totally legit. i am so happy i met the one been tired of being single and met my true soulmate. he is wonderful guy i am so excited that were together. he is over the moon also that he found me i love my steve very much
-19chantelle (20/F/United Kingdom)


Met someone in here and he's very awesome, thanks for and thanks to andres...from ur site, I met my boyfriend In here :)...and your site is very great and I had some awesome friends tho from here...once again, thank you very much
-adakadabra (37/F/Indonesia)



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