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I found somebody he is so special and maybe we will get.marry one day And i love him so much and he take my kids like they are his Lisa 25 alabama on june 12 2013
-lisat26 (25/F/Alabama)


Thank you for the chance to meet someone one here for free... I wish more sites would be like this. You guys are amazing and hopefully i wont need to use this site again, thank you so much again
-chadluse (29/M/Indiana)


I met a very wonderful guy! He is everything I could ask for! I think he is the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with! Thanks for all the help!
-Shelbyann123119 (19/F/Pennsylvania)


I have find some one I am very interested in and we have a friendship going and it leading to something else so thank yal for having this site it really help to find to love thank yal again
-vincente (28/M/Mississippi)


I have met a special someone on this site. I will see where it goes from here and if it doesnt work out I will be back. Thanks I pray it will take us far.
-prettypink (30/F/Texas)


i met a beautiful girl on here..she is so wonderful..we have been talking for a while she is gonna move in with me in a few weeks.then we are setting a wedding day for early next year..she is the love of my life.i cant wait for her to get here she is awsome..thanks for the site.i will refer my friends to ur site so they can have the expierence i did thanks alot for helping me find her..chris
-Iwantmyc_cks_cked69 (38/M/Illinois)


i met someone here and i fell inlove to him but he doesnt feel the same way so i guess i have to give it up. tnx mobi for the wonderful experience tho its not a happy ending atleast now i know how to fall inlove or how it feels:)
-Keine (21/F/Philippines)


I have found the love of my dreams on here and its made me so happy. We are so ment for eachother its mad lol. This site will find you what you want but it may take time lol.
-Bigc_ck87 (25/M/United Kingdom)


i met someone here. We will be married next year. I met a lot of people on this site. I will recomend it to others. Thanx for everything.
-liza (38/F/Canada)


Thanks Unexpectedly I found my love here . Best dating site.. For now goodbye . I hope and pray that our love will workout. Ill be back if our lovestory will not workout. God bless everyone hope u can find your loce..
-Fenee (21/F/Philippines)



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