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Yes has shown me a lot and that there is some fake people in life and real and I have met him and he means the world to me(: and he is so sweet and adorable and I'd am happy I found him..and I am glad that he is here for me in life and I I'm here for him.. I'm a loving girlfriend to him and he is one great boyfriend...
-Nessaone (19/F/Alabama(:)


hey 4 all u ppl out there this website works i finnaly found sum1 and r getting engaged so 2 all those who knew me dont give up hope later guys its been fun
-player19 (18/M/Oklahoma)


Hi my name is racheal u dont always have to go to thoughs big name sites u see on tv i met a perfect guy and he loves me for me and you will to just trust it
-novaeh1992 (21/F/Michigan)


I met this one girl by the name of sweets nothings and we fell in love she loves me and I love her her big booty is all mine!!
-floridaboy813 (19/M/Florida)


i have enjoyed using ur site it was very safe and fun i met someone here who i believe is the other half of me thanks so much for everything
-nightfairy42 (42/F/Georgia)


I've found my soulmate we are getting. married soon ty good luck everyone i hope u find someone. and also u players its not right what u are doing
-kansan (53/M/Kansas)


i found the love of my life. She means the world to me. Raych i love you! Shes the most amazing and beautiful girl on this planet! I love you raych! Meeting u was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with u was beyond my control!
-hornylatina89 (22/F/Ireland)


:) in love thanks to this site! Planning a baby and marriage I cannot believe how happy I am! Will spread the word! Best decision I made was registering on this site! Thank you
-xxxmrxxx (27/M/United Kingdom)


Thanks a lot for everything .. I am really happy to have met someone here . I didn't think that would be possible in such a short time. This is the best ever . I would love to come back someday.
-Ethan88 (24/M/South Africa)


sorry i have to go, i have meet a girl, thank you for the service, it was nice form you to give us this website to meet nice people
-4bdel (22/M/Morocco)



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