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i wish everyon on here finds there love of there life i love my life and the ones i found the perfect man for myself and hes very respectful
-lesbianlover21 (21/F/New York)


Thank you for the chance to meet someone one here for free... I wish more sites would be like this. You guys are amazing and hopefully i wont need to use this site again, thank you so much again
-chadluse (29/M/Indiana)


i met this amazing man of my dreams hes my world thx for hookin me uuuppp!!!! I wanna be with this guy for the rest of my life i love him dearly
-divaislookin (28/F/West Virginia)


This site is great
-judej (28/M/Louisiana)


Thank u so much for helpin me find someone. He is the best man ive ever met. Im so happy an i have you guys to thank for all my happyness. So thanks for all your help. I hope everyone finds the person that is right for them. I really believe i have found him. He is way to good to be true. Thank you so much u made all this happen.
-Tina109 (30/F/Arkansas)


i have met some one and have no longer wnt to be on here she is a great girl and i will tell people on this site. I plan of taking this girl to my family and some day i plan on having meet freiends and going to family members we will go to the park play with the dog go to the mall window shop.
-lord (31/M/Michigan)


Thank you very much i really enjoyed the site and i appreciate that a lot
-seek4sarah (26/F/United Kingdom)


We have met on here and we care going to see what happens andcalso see how itvgoes , hopefully it will be the start of a good thing ascwr seem to get on well with each other
-Girly20 (27/F/Singapore)


yes i met someone  so special here but its complicated, so i decided to go., and although its not a happy ending but i thank you, for i met some wonderful people here., thank you again and God bless!
-maqs (39/F/Philippines)


Hii.. I have fiend my girl here..she is very much pretty and we love each other a lot....thank u soo much...I will never leave her and always love her...we are getting married u all...
-lover2708 (22/M/India)



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