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It was alot of fun but it also was nice to meet alot of nice and fun people i made some friends along the way and had my heart broke a few times but if i was ever looking again i would definately b back and im glad i finally found my man and im in love. Thank u
-aromines (28/F/Tennessee)


I found awesome girl here and we are doing great so its time to setle down and say good bye to this site and move on with the love of my life and start a famly together and move in with each other and one day get married hopfully soon
-Jerad69 (22/M/Montana)


I found the perfect girl. We have been together for almost 3 years. She is amazing. I dont know what I would do without her. She means the world to me. We are getting married a year from now and I cant wait. Right now we just working on school and getting our own place. I will tell my friends about this site. Well thanks
-realstud1986 (25/F/Alabama)


Thanks for everything i now have what i want a beautiful little boy and a beautiful wife i now have someone who wont hurt me we got married last week so thank you like i said this is the best thingugc ever happen to me and her
-Patric (20/M/Tennessee)


I met someone jus a few short weeks ago....we have so much in common and are looking for the same things in life and for our future....he is from another state but already we are moving in together. with any hope and luck this will turn into a life long union and over time hopefully will lead to marriage!! thanks for everything!! ;)
-Tigressgal (36/F/Anywhere)


i found someone who i thought was going to be the one, we talked off on and on for almost 4 months but the strain of being so far aprt just couldnt make it work. This is a good site but need to a break and will be back.
-msttrucker (48/M/Alabama)


met s0me0ne i think idont nid this site anym0re!!!!!thanks 4 helping me to find my prince charming..hes planning to come over here in my place to see me??
-romallious (26/F/Philippines)


I think this is a very good site to meet people and it doesn't matter which country wu live in, if you find the right match for you, distance can not keep you apart.
-Niceguy1965 (47/M/Canada)


i have met my new love and i am going to meet her sometime next week and bringing her back home with me to strat our new lives together and start making plans to get married
-hawk2013 (41/M/Canada)


Thank u so much for helpin me find someone. He is the best man ive ever met. Im so happy an i have you guys to thank for all my happyness. So thanks for all your help. I hope everyone finds the person that is right for them. I really believe i have found him. He is way to good to be true. Thank you so much u made all this happen. "
-KINGqueen (25/M/India)



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