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I met a great man, and we are now living together. He is amazing and more than i could have ever ask for. I love him so much, and he def makes me feel loved more than anyone ever has before this is def a forever type of love.
-justme8 (29/F/Georgia)


Met someone here thanx for everything yall guys r great i will recommend thz to to everyone n shes the greatest ever yall really now how to match ppl together and thanks again for evveryyhing
-patron773 (22/M/Texas)


He's the one for me. we have our similarities and differences, but it all seems to mesh well. :) he's definitely the kind of guy i'd always hoped to find. i hope it lasts. :) we're planning on moving in together soon, and after i finish my degree at the university here, i'm sure we'll get things more settled and talk more about kids- more than likely addopting. :) thanks i had my doubts, but it really did work. :)
-bassistgirl27 (22/F/Nebraska)


Well hey I'm brandon i meet some one on her yay I'm.very happy so. Yea I'm off here to aalll. Hppy its wonderful hoe u meet sumone u love really loves i loved her forever
-prettyboiijay300 (18/M/Alabama)


I have meet someone here and I need to delete my profile cause I don't want any other guy think I am still available for dating
-emily3322 (32/F/California)


I have no use for your site I found a great girl and got engaged to her so Im sorry but bye we are happy and had fun here but we must go. We wish everyone the best and the secret to it is be patient and just be yourself be honest and true!
-Italysfinest80 (31/M/Nebraska)


Such a funny guy,he has not good looks but hes soo kind and friendly.He makes me laugh all the time we talk it on the phone.I hope our relationship will would last.Thanks to this site!
-Friendly19 (20/F/Philippines)


I meet the life of my life now i dont need this site am from kenya and she is from america we are planning to relocate thank u site..or right thats it am off am glad ths site help me fulfil my dreams
-Plenc (22/M/Kenya)


I only had the account for  a month and ive met someone who is perfect she winked at me then i winked back and it went from there i think she could be the one for me i hope i get to see us grow old together im so happy and its all thanks to thank you so much i really do hope for the best  for everyone on here.
-Hon87 (24/M/United Kingdom)


Thanks for the help took a year or so but i was found by a beautifull young lady on this site i hope every on else on this site is as lucky as i am thx again
-bugenout (42/M/Canada)



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