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Just met my true love he has a lil boy and wants to get me pregnant and marry me. We havent set a date yet but he makes me so happy. Hope every gets so lucky
-shelly24 (23/F/Tennessee)


I met the love of my life thanx to this site :). I appreciate everything this site has done for me. I hope everyone on here finds what theyre looking for. Yall take care and good luck in life. My gf is moving here fron tennessee thank u
-Colts2783 (28/M/Georgia)


hey i love my boyfriend hes ******* hot and his **** is so big that it stretches my ***** and ******* and i *** and ****** all over him and he makes me horny just looking at him i love watching him **** *** then me licking up the ***, yum!
-Kortney2202 (20/F/Wisconsin)


i had given up looking. Then one day i just decided to try this site again and as soon as i logged in she messaged me now im planning on getting married to her. Thanks
-kelvinparker (19/M/Louisiana)


found my soulmate no longer need this site ...good luck to all found alot of creeps and jerks along the way. im sure ill be back if need be this is an awesome site
-trebelbabygirl69 (34/F/Oklahoma)


Yes i have meet someone amazing on here. We fell in love fast and fell even harder once we met. We are very happy together and feel that this is meant to be. Maybe someday itll lead to marriage. Thanks mobi! I have found the love of my life thanks to your awesome site! :)
-Lwayne (30/M/Illinois)


I met someone on here within two weeks. We really got on well and have arranged to meet on a number of occasions. Things have been going really well and I think there may be more dates to come. Have reccomended this site to more than a few of my friends. Its really easy to use and gets results thank you
-emma88 (22/F/United Kingdom)


I found a really good friend from this site , ive had a great experience and ive enjoyed the forums but its to dam addictive lol so i will be leaving so i wont be tempted to come back on at all hours of the morning hope ye all find somone and whatever :-)
-chantelle94 (18/F/Ireland)


Thank you very much.Your site is very helpful to somedy who is lonely go go for it...Godspeed!
-erasol (47/F/Philippines)


I have finally met the right one on here! I'm so happy, we both are! After meeting all the wrong ones! Lol Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before finally meet the right one, and when we do meet the right one, we will know how to be grateful for that gift! I love you just as much John! We meeting soon and are planning our future together! Thank you
-femin (44/F/South Africa)



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