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i met the most amazing man on here. everything ive been looking for and more i havent been this happy in a long time thank you for all your help
-brknhrtd84 (27/F/Pennsylvania)


I met the most amazing hot and sweetest personality girl tht ive ever wanted she everything i wished for and i think im falling for her thanx you helped me out alot
-Zack420 (18/M/Alabama)


I met someone who is the best man in the world. I love him more than anything. He lights up my day and my life. Thanks for everything. Good luck to everyone.
-SupremeVampire90 (23/F/Mississippi)


I have met a beautiful angel we talk alot i am Bless to meet Jamie i hope everyone finds there love cause i did she is my light thankyou for met the love on here take care and God Bless
-gfreiman198 (27/M/Ohio)


I was giving up hope until this morning when I got a message from the most sweetest guy,am movin to his state in the spring he coming to get me and it will be a long term that could lead to marriage.Thanks,I be back if I need to but hope not
-angel2u (39/F/Virginia)


Its been good made alot of friends and someone special. now we will see where that leads it could lead to a lasting relationship I do hope so. we have share alot of laughs and tears together we both thank for our experiences
-lee77 (34/M/USA)


I met the most amazing man on this site. I'm as crazy about him as he is about me. He makes me sooo happy. He lives in America but we are making plans for him to come visit me Jamaica pretty soon! Then who knows!
-chissy100 (33/F/Jamaica)


the site was good i met the girl of my dreams on here we are talking about getting married in the near future thank you for giving me a wonderful experience when i was on the look
-ches1988 (25/M/United Kingdom)


I like the site and i am happy to be part of it and i am looking forward to come back again some day to use it again to find someone to share my life with or be friends
-sunshine2951 (29/F/Ghana)


Met someone in here I think its time to say goodbye to dating mobi. Thank you so much, from your site, I found someone and we are match each other and I love him so much :)
-PoLkAdOt (37/F/Indonesia)



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