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I met the most amazing guy here and he's everything tht I ever dreamed of in a man! I could never ask for more. The opportunity to meet him came and I took it thanks to you've helped me find my soulmate<3 I love you will(:
-Babyygirll1996 (18/F/New York)


Thanks to your site I have met an amazing women on your site and we are planning to get married soon thank you so much... I have never thought I would meet the girl of my dreams on a dating site in my life but I strongly recommend this site to all ... And again thank you and god bless..."
-clumsy (23/M/New York)


I met the sweetest most amazing guy on here! He makes me so happy and he treats me like such a princess and i hope we have that fairy tale ending that everyone insists doesnt exist... Well ive found my prince charming thanks to u guys. I love u so much baby! Ur my world! :3
-TheMetalMaiden (18/F/New Mexico)


i have met the girl i dream of. she is Awsome and sweet. thank you for letting Me find her.she keeps Me happy and smiling all the time. i love her alot. shes just so wonderful to be with an i couldn't ask for more. after we date for a while i think im going to pop the question an hope she says yes.
-01country (25/M/Virginia)


i meet a really good guy on this site....we have decide that we are ready to see where this journey takes us...and if for sum reason things dnt wrk out i will use this site again....its fun and has a ton of great guys
-Sweetv78 (33/F/Oklahoma)


I met a beautiful woman on here that completely made me happy. It took A while but needless to say it finally happened. I'd like to thank this site and all of the members on here that I talked to as well. I hope everyone else will find the same happiness that I found as well! Thank you
-sinistersinwell (30/M/Pennsylvania)


the site was really good. i meet the love of my life. he is a really good gfuy, he is tall and very handsome and i reallly like hjm. and we will a happy life together.
-hopeandlove (21/F/Canada)


Met a wonderful women that loves me for who i am and not just out for my money so glad i joined the site, for all of us to use she is a loving,careing loving women its like she is the one and my solemate thank u again for making this happen .
-Honciv (24/M/United Kingdom)


Thanks and Goodbye all hope you find here, i already find him here he is a simpleman.......i d0nt want to stay here anym0re ok i just hope we will be happy soon
-jazzme222 (29/F/Philippines)


I met a lot of great people but i met someone special already it didn't take me long whe didn't meet yet but soon he will come over here and planned to get married so thanx for this wonderfull man
-babysuxx (29/F/Suriname)



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