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i met someone just a couple days ago on this site. He everything ive ever dream Mr.Right being. We talk a couple, drama happened, so we decided dnt need a lil thing like that getting in between what we have started. Thank you for guilding me to this mn of my dream.
-vesta5910 (20/F/Alaska)


I Met The Love of My Life She Is So Beautiful Loving & Understanding. I Hope You Do Too. Love Is Not Always Hard To Find So When You Find That Special Someone Love Life & Live. This Site Helped Me & I Hope It Will Help You.
-TeddyB90 (21/M/Georgia)


I met the sweetest most amazing guy on here! He makes me so happy and he treats me like such a princess and i hope we have that fairy tale ending that everyone insists doesnt exist... Well ive found my prince charming thanks to u guys. I love u so much baby! Ur my world! :3
-TheMetalMaiden (18/F/New Mexico)


I met some friends here and im gonna get to know them more. Thank you for all you do. I had a great time on the forums! I like the set up and layout of the site in its entirity. and customer support was very friendly! i never had problems viewing the page on my phone, and it was always fast.
-Logan742 (23/M/New Jersey)


i met a hot guy with whom i have so much in common with. We're going to meet in person soon. It was really easy and fun to send and recieve messages. I really would recommend this site to anyone! Good luck all! =]
-kimmi (30/F/Indiana)


i have met some one and have no longer wnt to be on here she is a great girl and i will tell people on this site. I plan of taking this girl to my family and some day i plan on having meet freiends and going to family members we will go to the park play with the dog go to the mall window shop.
-lord (31/M/Michigan)


I think this site is great i met some one so nice and loving. It might take abit of time to find what your looking but dont give up as you will find what your looking for like me.
-Bigone87 (25/M/United Kingdom)


first of all thank you so much of this free site,i found my man..he texted me always and i love him even we havent see each other yet..hes planing to come over here to see me..again thank u so much!!!and g0d bless!!
-malene (26/F/Philippines)


I was getting really silly messages but then got one from this sexy guy and we have totally fell in love with each other. Xxx love him the world xxx
-BlueEyes26Sutton (25/F/United Kingdom)


hey thanks to everyone here...I have found my Mr right....he is very good loving and romantic....I love to cuddle with him...even he is 3 years younger than me...but we love each other like animals...we daily do at least 5 times...thank u very much and all the best to all of u...
-princess2708 (21/F/India)



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