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Best fake person one liners! (by Hours)

 Hours (11)   (39 / M-F / Texas)
21-Sep-12 7:35 pm
I think the best one has to be! ..... "why haven't I verified my pic?¿ Because I don't know how to do that!!! Lol oh come on can you not spell or maybe read?¿



 buttercup10 (3)    (41 / F-M / New York)
21-Sep-12 7:40 pm
It took me a little bit to get aquanted with the site to figure out where to go to get mine verified



 JustMeAndYou77 (17)   (45 / F-M / Florida)
21-Sep-12 7:42 pm
Well, unfortunately, I have to pass the pic from my phone mobile to mobile only due to my service plan.:( I can not upload it or even send it to my own email. I have also tried sending a pic through to the mobile verification number just to add a pic to my profile. I figured I can also verify it that way. In the meantime I have made text friends and I just send mobile to mobile.:) Not everyone who don't have a verified pic are fakers and liars sorry.



21-Sep-12 7:42 pm
no when they say they cant verify cuz their phone wont send it in....but it sent in their profile pic jus fine



 JustMeAndYou77 (17)   (45 / F-M / Florida)
21-Sep-12 7:45 pm
Ah, I see LOL



21-Sep-12 7:49 pm
@JustMeAndYou77: Have u tried sending it as an MMS to your secret site email addy? Don't know ur plan but if ur able to send pics to other mobile fones, u should be able to send it to the site...but I admit, I don't know all scenarios.



 JustMeAndYou77 (17)   (45 / F-M / Florida)
21-Sep-12 8:03 pm
Please explain further MrRam. Yes, I clicked and got the secret code and email but took me to a cloudflare page. I was asked to log in so I typed the secret stuff and that didnt work. Is there simply a phone number like with mobile verification? Im intelligent but a very simple gal.



21-Sep-12 8:08 pm
@JustMeAndYou77: Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but send it like u wud any other pic...but instead of sending it to a specific fone number, send it to that email address that was assigned to u. U just have to make sure u enter correctly.



 JustMeAndYou77 (17)   (45 / F-M / Florida)
21-Sep-12 8:25 pm
You see, that's the problem. Ive tried sending pics from my phone to an email address. In facebook, I had to send my pic to my sister's phone and she sent it directly to my email. As for typing in the secret email address, it will only allow me to type or add in an actual phone number. I can't type an email address out when trying to send the pic. That's where Im screwed.



21-Sep-12 8:30 pm
@JustMeAndYou77: Oh I see. I wud then suggest that u pm Andres. I know that he wants the sites features to work with all phones. He might have an idea on how to solve your situation.



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