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Smilies: Add EMOTIONS to your posts! (by Andres)

 Andres (105)     (Admin)
6-Mar-12 10:33 pm
Smilies are a graphical representation of an expression that help give your posts a bit more emotion. This is another common feature on many forums, so we're sure many of you will already be familiar with it. We've included hundreds of very high-quality animated smilies to give plenty of LIFE to the forum, so we hope you enjoy them. We are sure you will find funny and unique ways of using them.

So that we don't overload mobile phones, everyone is limited to 1 smilie per post.

All smilies start and end with a colon. So :biggrin: would result in .

Below is the list of all available smilies. You won't actually see the smilie image below since listing hundreds of images would kill too many mobile browsers, but you can at least get a sense for the ones available and see what the tag is to display it. There are 3 types of smilies, girl smilies (that all begin with :girl), guy smilies (that all begin with :guy), and generic smilies that are gender-neutral. (If you have a powerful mobile browser and data plan and wish to view all the smilie images on one page, click here.)

Generic Smilies (Gender-neutral)

Girl Smilies

Guy Smilies



 James2112 (1)    (34 / M-F / Texas)
21-Apr-12 10:51 pm



21-Apr-12 11:16 pm



 James2112 (1)    (34 / M-F / Texas)
22-Apr-12 12:53 am



Last edited by James2112; 22-Apr-12 12:56 am.
 samelyne (0)  (33 / F-M / Singapore)
25-Apr-12 11:51 pm



 IrishLove1988 (18)    (35 / F-M / New York)
26-Apr-12 4:29 am
YAY lol



 samelyne (0)  (33 / F-M / Singapore)
26-Apr-12 6:10 am



 Pittbulll0ver (1)   (31 / F-MF / Oklahoma)
27-Apr-12 6:42 pm



 Pittbulll0ver (1)   (31 / F-MF / Oklahoma)
27-Apr-12 6:43 pm



 PrettyBlueEyedWoman (1)   (32 / F-M / Arkansas)
9-May-12 4:30 pm
Lol i wanna see.....



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