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Still searching (by Danyhandsome63)

 Danyhandsome63 (0)    (30 / M-F / Nigeria)
18-Sep-12 8:34 am
Any gal as from age of 15-20,ready for dating cos am damn serious and for real,just say hi to me and we kick it on.....



18-Sep-12 8:43 am
Any gal as from age of 15-20,ready for dating .....

Just incase you DO NOT know .. At least 18 years old is allowed here on ..



 Danyhandsome63 (0)    (30 / M-F / Nigeria)
18-Sep-12 8:51 am
I knw but some who are below 18,update their age to meet the [email protected]



18-Sep-12 8:53 am
Ohhh... Do you know anyone who is minor here on ?



18-Sep-12 9:00 am
I think i know of one. Says she's twenty but looks like fourteen.



18-Sep-12 9:06 am
Looking through the pictures , it's hard to tell the actual age of one person , also .. Others uses " old" pics of them ...

But if anyone of you thinks that someone is minor then you can save her from danger ( perve on here ) by reporting her to admin ..



18-Sep-12 9:25 am
I can't remember her name. Two days ago, she put a thread and a poll asking if she's cute. She lives in arkansas



18-Sep-12 9:28 am
Ah , the one who isn't verified ?



 jamie94lynn (17)    (28 / F-M / Tennessee)
25-Sep-12 12:41 pm
@Danyhandsome63: seriously dude your 20 &dating anyone form 15 to 17 when your 18 &above is against the law in most countries& it'll get you in deep trouble



 jamie94lynn (17)    (28 / F-M / Tennessee)
25-Sep-12 12:44 pm
@Danyhandsome63: plus you dont need to date minors they arent ready for serious relationships let them be kids and date girls 18 and up



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