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Governor Rick Perry... Worst Driver Ever! (by B3dR00m3y3z)

 B3dR00m3y3z (11)  (38 / M-F / Texas)
11-Sep-12 12:34 am
The other day my cousin & I were in Downtown Austin we were cut of by a reckless driver of an SUV. We saw(I kid you not) in the driver side mirror face of Texas Governor & GOP Presidental hopeful Rick Perry! He is just as awful behind the wheel as he is speaking behind a podium. I mean his positon of power is the only factor that allows him to posses a TX driver's license. Thank God he will not get to drive the proverbial bus known as the White House 2012! Dodged a real train wreck there! LOL!



11-Sep-12 12:58 am
@B3dR00m3y3z: who are you going to vote for this november?



 B3dR00m3y3z (11)  (38 / M-F / Texas)
11-Sep-12 1:05 am
I tend to "throw away" vote as it is reffered to in the States. I liked Gary Johnson record as Governor of New Mexico! I like where he stands on the issues. Obama just isn't getting us on the right track & Mitt Romney seems like a blend of George W. Bush & President Obama which I'm going to call it how I see it. We're choosing between being shot & being stabbed. We're choosing to be enslaved, but the means are different.



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