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Date Online (by khylesbi)

 khylesbi (0)  (29 / F-F / Philippines)
26-Oct-22 9:24 am
Anyone who is interested to date me just pm me Filipinos or international people.



 Whil (0)  (25 / M-M / Philippines)
21-Jan-23 3:34 am
Love is an incredible feeling. A person with a loving heart is always ready to help others without any expectation. Love is the need of every individual since the day of birth. Love connects the two souls eternally and makes the world a beautiful place for them. And wherever you are if you really meant to each other, you really meant. Love does'nt choose wherever you are, if theres a spark coming from both of you and having a good connection, well you have to take it and dont waste it.



 Whil (0)  (25 / M-M / Philippines)
21-Jan-23 3:43 am
Have a great morning sushine everyone. Lets embrace the beautiful day to cherish and spread love to our love ones. Everyday we live for a reason if though how hard life is to you we have take it as an oppurtunity because you will not grow and can move forward as long as we easily give in every challenges we face. No matter how hard is it, we have to keep going and step up even though a hundreds steps, to fulfill your goal its something we give more time and pursue what we are doing good, because it gives us more strength in every situation we are facing.



 yumenaaa (0)  (35 / F-F / Massachusetts)
17-May-23 11:40 pm
Hard to find people internationally when you want to be friends/other. Sometimes you don't need an entire app pn your phone at all times...i am not really sure what else to say, im not really sure why forum posts are required to access your inbox considering the content of most of the posts. If we wanted least for me, it would probably be bettee to use a different know?



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