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The travesty of reproductive justice in the USA (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (27 / M-F / Massachusetts)
26-Jun-22 5:35 am
The travesty of reproductive justice in the USA

As your mod team we wanted to address the repeal of Roe vs Wade and Planned Parenthood vs Casey by the US Supreme court. As it goes this mod is not one who can get pregnant and would be so directly impacted, but I'm posting this as those that are impacted are too tired, angry and disgusted to post right now.
This gross decision, stripping rights and bodily autonomy from around half the US population is an affront to any just society and is regressive in the extreme. Not just impacting those in the US, it also provides a fig leaf for repressive and misogynistic regimes around the world and further erodes what little moral authority the United States retained.
Despite our abject disgust, we would remind users that for depressing but purposeful reasons we will remove or redirect predominantly political posts. We will do the same with posts and on the now even more difficult decisions users face around reproductive choices. This is much as we removed posts mostly about covid in the past.
If you're an American understandably irate about this, we recommend you join, participate, donate or support organisations such as:




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