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M(28) ruined proposal by snapping at F(26) because she was being stubborn. (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (27 / M-F / Massachusetts)
25-Jun-22 5:30 pm
M(28) ruined proposal by snapping at F(26) because she was being stubborn.

Hi, yesterday was supposed to be the best day of my life. June 24 is a special day for my girlfriend and I as that?s the day I asked her to be my girlfriend. We have been together for 5 years and it?s been the best and as all relationships had it?s bumpy roads. We?ll to start off the day started off great. I had called off from work to prepare for this day. We had lunch together at one of our favorite places to eat since we had KBBQ on our first date! After that we went home to relax as it?s been super hot in California. Well this is when I messed up. I kept asking her what she wanted for dinner and made it seem like I had no plans for the night. She started to get upset and think I had planned a last minute 5 year anniversary dinner. So this is when she starts to get in a mood because she thinks we just gonna drive around. She puts on regular clothes and tells me oh I?m not going out anymore but we can just drive around. I kept begging her to get ready and she just ignores me and makes remarks about how I don?t have anything planned and blah blah blah. That she just wants to stay home and not do a thing anymore because I always do this. So I then blow up and ruin the whole proposal by saying what she ended up ruining. I can?t believe I said this and snapped at the person I love so much. She now hates what I did and I hate myself for what I said. I can?t even look at myself or her without feeling stupid. What do I do now?! I want to marry her but I think I truly ruined the best thing she deserves. ( i suck at typing but I have more answers if more questions are needed)
TL;DR: she says she?s done with me for what I did and I ruined something she?s worked hard for and deserved.




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