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True story (by Team17)

 Team17 (0)    (46 / M-F / Missouri)
2-Aug-21 9:50 am
Yesterday 8-1-21 a very young child was riding his bike and he zipped by me like molasses lol. Well I got about 3 blocks from him when I heard the kid screaming HEY SIR HEY SIR HEY MISTER! I turned around and asked "are u talking to me" and he said "im sorry I looked in ur wallet but if I had not have, I never would have known who it belonged to. So i turned around from my gas station assignment and went looking for you" so I thanked him. Told him. Since he's going to gas station, here's $2 go buy yourself a reward or save it......he looked at me then put on huge smile and screamed ROOTBEER!

I put my wallet in front pocket (won't do that again) and part of my shirt went in my pocket as well. So I'm walking and the shirt is inching its way out pulling the wallet with it. I never even felt the wallet come out. I'm glad it was found by a good-hearted kid 😁 cuz, though I didnt have much money in it but I do carry something illegal (don't ask) and it would have came back on me bad if he had kept it.



 DearJohn (6)       (63 / M-F / Arkansas)
2-Aug-21 10:31 am
So why did you put your wallet in your front pocket to begin with?



 Team17 (0)    (46 / M-F / Missouri)
2-Aug-21 10:46 am
@DearJohn: well........the store was super busy. There was 3 ppl behind me. I didn't take the time to put my change in my wallet. So just jammed my wallet, 2 ones and coins in my front pocket



 DearJohn (6)       (63 / M-F / Arkansas)
2-Aug-21 7:49 pm
Now I understand



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