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How bout this!!!! (by animem5)

23-Aug-12 6:35 am
tell the best,biggest lies u have .the one who tells the truth loses point*just 4 fun*



Last edited by animem5; 23-Aug-12 6:46 am.
23-Aug-12 6:56 am
ok i start first:i dnt have an account in m nt lyng.



 nhguyinwoods (3)    (48 / M-F / New Hampshire)
23-Aug-12 6:59 am
Ok I will bite. I am man with a private island!



23-Aug-12 7:01 am
wat?i m your neighbour.n we own 2gdr d cmpny n d island.



 MrAzizo (6)   (31 / M-F / Provincie Limburg)
23-Aug-12 7:03 am
I have a powerlevel of over 9000



23-Aug-12 7:04 am
omg omg!!obama send me a fb request.if u dnt believe check it out 4yurself



 MrAzizo (6)   (31 / M-F / Provincie Limburg)
23-Aug-12 7:07 am
I almost believed you for a second..



23-Aug-12 7:09 am
hah!i knew u believe me mre than a sec



 MrAzizo (6)   (31 / M-F / Provincie Limburg)
23-Aug-12 7:10 am
Lol, your good (:



23-Aug-12 7:14 am
u r 2wice as gud as me



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