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How long have you been single? (by Wonder93)

7-Aug-12 9:15 am
Hey, seeing that most of the people on here are single, how long have you been relationship-free? And why?

i haven't been in a relationship for two years. I won't lie, at times i feel like going out there, and just giving the first girl that i see a hug, and not letting go. I'm still young and i understand that i should be experiencing things. My libido and sex drive is at it's peak. I should be enjoying myself. But the reason i am single is because i really can't picture myself with someone else other than my ex. To tell you a bit, we broke up in 2010 because i needed to focus on my exams and i was giving her too much attention. She actually broke up with me. We lost contact after that but we talk to each other everyday over the phone now. We laugh and smile and tell each other everything. I'm convinced she still has feelings for me, i am addicted to thinking that. She hasn't moved on either. We haven't seen each other in two years but have plans to see each other at the end of the year though. I can wait 5 months. Two years and one month is a very long time especially when you're still young... So how long have you been single and why?



7-Aug-12 9:19 am
Dang i will answer this when i wake up, i cant keep my eyes open to explain it rite now



7-Aug-12 9:21 am
@Briteeyes1211: Sweet dreams :-)



7-Aug-12 9:24 am
@Wonder93: i have been single for 4 years me and my ex wife were together from 6th grade up until our divorce i was in the military and she couldnt remain faithful and to top it off she also killed my daughter at 3 months old she had a really high fever and was never taken to a hospital and not a day goes by i dont think about my daughter, i would like to find love again but i dont know if anyone can take down the walls i have up around my heart



 bigd1993201111 (5)    (31 / M-F / New York)
7-Aug-12 9:25 am
Wow hope you dont get hurt man but sounds like ya care just dont fall head over heals quite yet. Ive been single for a year and things didnt work cause she decided she was gunna get into heavy drug use. Its hard to give something up when you love it but there comes a time. I dealt with it for a year and a half and did everything possible. I begged and begged her to get help she went to rehab for 3 months in florida came back clean and a month later went right into the same slump. I actually went to florida for a month in a half to help and support her and she turned around and abused me so yes im young but its hard to forgive



7-Aug-12 9:28 am
@bigd1993201111: wow bro that's terrible. I don't think she realizes everything that you did for her. Because if she'd of realize that i'm sure she'd of made a better effort to come clean for you. I hope she comes right even if she's no longer a part of your life.



7-Aug-12 9:29 am
Oh hell, it's been almost a year since I was in a relationship. Two years worth of my own emotions blown away by a woman who never actually loved me for who I was. Yup.



7-Aug-12 9:32 am
@purecowboy1988: bro i can't even imagine what you had to go through. Losing a daughter has to be one of the toughest things a guy could ever go through. And you guys were so long together. I understand how it feels to be that long with someone and then have them leave your life. It is difficult. But your walls are blocking the right women from entering your life right now. I'm sorry for your loss



7-Aug-12 9:37 am
@T3x4sb0y: there will always be someone out there that will love you for who you really are bro. We just have to look in the right places



 bigd1993201111 (5)    (31 / M-F / New York)
7-Aug-12 9:40 am
@purecowboy1988: wow i feel crappy even puttin mine up. Your a strong man and you didnt deserve that. Im terribly sorry about your daughter and she's in a place waiting for you too watch her grow up. You keep pushing brother and you keep your heart strong for her and you. You mean the world to me for fighten to bro please stay strong



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