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Update : My boss is the source of my anxiety, I want to quit , 7 months later (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (26 / M-F / Massachusetts)
22-Sep-18 9:00 pm
Update : My boss is the source of my anxiety, I want to quit , 7 months later

Original post :
It's been 7 months and I'm happy to say I have officially quit, my last day is next week. I dwindled my days down to 2 and have recently started training at my new job the remainder of the week.
I developed alopecia and started losing my hair from the stress. I was not going to allow this woman to take my hair along with my sense of self worth.
The news went better than expected when I explained I was leaving. Of course I didn't tell her my true reasoning, I cited somewhat truths to keep her happy and my side gig secured with her. She offered a huge raise and other benefits, but nothing could keep me there, minus her pressence. She said I was irreplaceble. Too late for praise now, maybe you should have treated me with respect. I didn't say this, though I wanted to, oh how I wanted to.
2 decades of stress, anxiety , and being talked down to by my boss is officially coming to an end and I have the very kind folks who messaged me and responded with words of encouragement to thank. Some of you offered to help me write a resume and some even offered me a job. If I could hug you guys I would, I'm truly that grateful.

My poor replacement is already feeling her wrath. I have warned her and told her to not allow herself to be a doormat. She's young, so I'm worried she's a bit naive, as was I and will accept the abuse.




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