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So I was invited to a party by this girl I’m involved with, but she also invited another man I know (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (28 / M-F / Massachusetts)
10-Feb-18 3:40 am
So I was invited to a party by this girl I’m involved with, but she also invited another man I know she’s talking to. Anyone ever been in a situation like this and if so, what did you guys do?

A little back story. This girl (my best friend) and I have been on and off for about the last two years. We rushed things when we first met and it eventually burned out the passion. We stopped talking for a few months until my brother passed away and I told her about it. She was really supportive and instrumental in making sure I was okay through that whole process. Going through that together created a bond that neither of us can break even if we wanted to. There have been times when I try and get distance from her and she just keeps coming back into my life. We’re basically best friends at the moment but she keeps mentioning how our time is coming and all that stuff. I’d like to be in a relationship but she’s still not sure what she wants and with who. So we both do our own thing with no repercussions. But she constantly gets jealous whenever I mention another girl or is always grabbing my phone and “letting other girls know I’m still around†type thing. She’s super affectionate every where we go and only brings me around her parents. She’s confusing to say the least. The question is, one of her friends is having a birthday party on Sunday and she invited me to come. She also invited one of the guys she “talks†to, to the party. It would basically be her friend, that guy, her, and myself. Would I look like a bitch if I don’t go? I really would rather not be put in that position and have to interact with some dude I could give two ****s about. I’m a very jealous person myself and I just know nothing fun will come out of going to this party. What do you guys think? FYI I’m 24 and she’s 23.




 MrWalkSoftly (16)     (57 / M-F / Louisiana)
10-Feb-18 3:59 am
Yea you finna be one of the slices of bread in a sammich.....y'all's nuts gonna touch



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