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Is this fake (by whisenhuntmike)

 whisenhuntmike (0)  (56 / M-F / Oklahoma)
23-Jul-12 9:08 pm
is this site fake or what or just the women on here fake



23-Jul-12 9:10 pm
Neither....theres fake people on here men and women, but majority are not



 brats52005 (52)    (53 / F-M / California)
23-Jul-12 9:16 pm
No the site isnt. But there are some fake people on here. You only been on three months. Maybe put your opinions out here on other threads or make your own to get others also it will give the ladies an idea of who you are and you them. I think it will help you alot more than sitting back and just winking and messaging. J.m.o. Good luck.



23-Jul-12 9:19 pm
I dont know about fake,but no chicks are even some lose some



23-Jul-12 9:24 pm
We talk here on the forums and we're not fake so come join us



 whisenhuntmike (0)  (56 / M-F / Oklahoma)
23-Jul-12 9:26 pm
You try to talk and they dont text back so what now



23-Jul-12 9:27 pm



23-Jul-12 9:28 pm
@Briteeyes1211: whats up everybody,,theres not much going on in here.except briteeyes sexy self.lo



23-Jul-12 9:30 pm
They need more woman on here with extreme flirting



23-Jul-12 10:12 pm
@landencalifornia Some flirt, some dont. Depends on the topic and the girl. But anyways, how u doin today? Entertain me



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