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You are allowed 30 minutes on 2030's internet. What do you search for? (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (29 / M-F / Massachusetts)
18-Nov-14 4:30 pm
You are allowed 30 minutes on 2030's internet. What do you search for?




18-Nov-14 4:34 pm
Moneymaker products... Or Cryogenics, lol :)



18-Nov-14 10:22 pm
A next scheduled flight off of Earth. .jk



18-Nov-14 11:12 pm
Lottery results



19-Nov-14 3:32 am
Mmmm. 5 minutes seeing if I have any famous books or articles in the future.

10 minutes seeing researching if I have awesome kids with no criminal records lol

and 15 minutes stealing people's high dollar inventions



19-Nov-14 3:43 am
The results of every professional sports match between now and then



 DanniGirl2388 (4)   (29 / F-M / Tennessee)
19-Nov-14 4:50 am
The cure 4 cancer



 boilerup (3)   (47 / M-F / Indiana)
19-Nov-14 4:57 am
"A better way to prevent our soldiers from being homeless" its a growing problem that should not b.



19-Nov-14 5:22 am
The cure 4 cancer
Aw, I love this answer! Also for diabetes and aids, and so many I would have to have time to narrow it down lol : ) Like on Family Feud, GOOD ANSWER!! LOL!!! : )



19-Nov-14 8:43 am
I'll see myself happily with someone else..



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