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Need a job ladies? Try twerking for a living (by WalkSoftly)

14-Oct-14 2:59 pm
"" Jessica Vanessa was a kindergarten
teaching assistant before she was
discovered by advertisers for her videos.
The 22-year-old Florida woman quit her
job, and began twerking for a living
making six figures!
“What I make in six seconds would take
me four months to make as a teaching
assistant,” she told Barcroft TV .
With more than two million followers Vine,
she posts twerking videos and then
advertisers pay her to mention their
Jessica says she has a lot of support from
her family, her brother is even her
She has faced her fair share of criticism
though, and says she’s suffered multiple
breakdowns over the treatment she has
received by people online.
Jessica says that twerking has allowed
her to pay off her school debt and buy a
new car, and she doesn’t miss working
the 9-5.""

Even professional twerkers have feelings, it seems....



 queenofhearts28 (9)   (39 / F-M / Oklahoma)
14-Oct-14 3:36 pm
@WalkSoftly: where do u find this stuff ? Lol



14-Oct-14 3:43 pm
@WalkSoftly: where do u find this stuff ? Lol
I dont find it....IT finds me!



 queenofhearts28 (9)   (39 / F-M / Oklahoma)
14-Oct-14 3:46 pm
@WalkSoftly: let me guess u was just twerking along online n this story just jumped right into ur lap huh? Lol



14-Oct-14 3:50 pm
@WalkSoftly: let me guess u was just twerking along online n this story just jumped right into ur lap huh? Lol
Lol nah....saw something on tv news abt an unrelated story abt a chick named Jessica...googled the name under news, and wallah!, the twerking story popped up.

Hell, I DONT post abt alot of the stuff I come across....for example, I passed on a story abt the AutoBlow2, the mechanical blow job machine



 queenofhearts28 (9)   (39 / F-M / Oklahoma)
14-Oct-14 3:51 pm
@WalkSoftly: omg lol I'm very surprised not to see that story here ! Why did u pass?



14-Oct-14 3:55 pm
@queenofhearts28: I pass on alot of stories lately.....not enough people who get the humor in them, or they take em too seriously....or it just goes over the head completely. Aint wastin my "A" game on em lol



 queenofhearts28 (9)   (39 / F-M / Oklahoma)
14-Oct-14 3:56 pm
@WalkSoftly: awwwe that sucks why ppl gotta be so serious n stuck up?



14-Oct-14 4:00 pm
@queenofhearts28: Idk.....and Im sure the lack of people on here doesnt help. But Ill continue to post a few gems occasionally lol



14-Oct-14 10:57 pm
@WalkSoftly: I sent you a link to Jessica Vanessa remember? You were mad that there were boys in the video! LMAO



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