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Preconceived notions & misconceptions (by Zilya777)

4-Sep-14 12:42 am
Lately, I've noticed with people younger than myself ( in real life & cyber) that they expect me to be, or act, & even dress in a certain way.. And it's in their heads. What they think a woman my age would or should be like. At first I was insulted. But now, I find it humours. And make comments like " I'm not a grandmom making cookies, you little sh*t head " hhhaa!!
What are some preconceived notions & misconceptions you have experienced?



 impeccablesossy (33)   (34 / F-MF / Nigeria)
4-Sep-14 1:09 am happens...can imagine.i even get some likely msgs even on ground...there's a way they want u to dress,talk,or even act either to suit them or they actually think everyone is same



 MikeN2014 (8)    (41 / M-F / New York)
4-Sep-14 1:19 am
What are some preconceived notions & misconceptions you have experienced?
That people expect me to be already married with kids



4-Sep-14 1:22 am
@impeccablesossy: Exactly.. I think a young couple today expected me to show up in a " moo moo' , and say things like " golly gee,". Idk.. Maybe that's their mom or grand mom or they watch too many old TV shows... Lol



4-Sep-14 1:45 am
@MikeN2014: Ugh... Must be some nagging there. As if we are stamped out from a cookie cutter. Smh.
Kind of reminds me, of people's reaction to my divorce. " What do you mean your not getting married and having more kids?!"
Do people treat you like it's a crime, IR you broke a rule?



4-Sep-14 3:04 am
@Zilya777: my family went nuts when I got my divorce. I told em if you like her so much, you live with her. Considering they didn't like her when we were together I found the whole attitude a little odd



4-Sep-14 3:26 am
@ramblinman: Oh.. I know this feeling.. So I assume it is a Cultural or Religious belief? I kept hearing " Are you sure you want to do this? You have the perfect all American family " & " You will loose everything"
Well .. " High price for freedom" . Was my respond. And I never regretted it.
Makes me wonder if families sometimes are more concerned with " appearances". Or really believe " God will punish you" . Smh.
My God wanted me to be me, & happy for a change.



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 bbmelody (5)    (49 / F-M / Nigeria)
4-Sep-14 10:52 am
I Really Find it upsetting When people Who were there for you One time you needed HELP now THINK you OWE them 100% Loyalty ??hisss. Bullsh*t



4-Sep-14 11:10 am
@bbmelody: Yes.. It seems selfish. I tell my grown children " what ever makes you happy"



4-Sep-14 2:56 pm
@Zilya777: yes it was a religious thing. Even though they knew I don't buy into their religion. Everything has to fit within their narrow viewpoint



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