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Total bs !! (by KaylaKristine)

7-Aug-14 5:30 pm
I love shopping! This is how the process SHOULD go : Look online for something you like, go to the store, purchase the item, and go about your business. Right? WRONG -_- what I don't understand is why have something online and not carry it in the actual stores? I don't use and type of credit or debit card that's why I don't shop online also I like to physically see and feel the quality of the garmet before purcashing. The least clothing stores could do is have an option to see if the item online is avaliable in stores and what stores they're avaliable in. Anyway, how do you gals and guys feel about this? Let me know :)



7-Aug-14 5:35 pm
I've never looked online..I just go get what I need..guess that's not shopping its getting



7-Aug-14 5:36 pm
@KaylaKristine: Ive looked online before to see if a store carried a particular item....then I called the local store to see if they had it in stock. Granted, it was a Radio Shack and not a department store.



7-Aug-14 5:37 pm
@Rob65: I look online for a couple of reasons. 1)I'm lazy and 2)I like to read reviews



7-Aug-14 5:39 pm
@WalkSoftly: What I do is download a picture of the item to my phone and show it to people who work there. Sometimes they don't know what they're doing so if they say no I look around the store thoroughly and if they don't have it I'll settle for something else BUT I'll go back a couple weeks later to see if they have the item I originally wanted. That's what I'm gonna do Monday lol I'm so annoying



7-Aug-14 5:44 pm
@KaylaKristine: never thought of reviews...I have to get in computer age



7-Aug-14 6:02 pm
I had to do that when I was looking for my laptop



 4everteh1 (8)    (32 / M-F / Pennsylvania)
7-Aug-14 7:13 pm
@KaylaKristine: the reasoning for it is marketing. Nowadays online shoping is the thing. Makes having inventory witgout actually having it easy. Plus people browse alot faster on the net lol. See more items easier to buy. Not to mention laziness lol.



 TheCelt (4)   (40 / M-F / Ireland)
7-Aug-14 10:48 pm
Well i hate shopping so i buy online a lot , mostly from littlewoods who are handy to use because they have free delivery , their site is kinda like Amazon if youse dont have it in America , anyway whenever i buy from there their goods is obviously only after coming from a big warehouse somewhere and not a shop , because the box that whatever i buy comes in usually is always filthy dirty , like you would expect if it has been sitting on a warehouse floor for a while , but i dont mind a dirty box , its whats on the inside that counts lol



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