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What is your favorite city (by justhere)

28-Jul-14 2:03 pm
Of all the places you been what is your favorite city and why?:)



 TheHBKbigred (12)    (42 / M-F / Utah)
28-Jul-14 2:27 pm
I love Seattle. Its so green and very nice until you have to drive in the snow there then the whole town shuts down. Nashville, Knoxville, San Antonio, Phoenix, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Calgary. Damn I got a lot



28-Jul-14 2:52 pm
@justhere: I'll say the city thrills me



 TheHBKbigred (12)    (42 / M-F / Utah)
28-Jul-14 3:04 pm
@Rob65: I thought you were going to say were the gorgeous women are. I should of said that.



28-Jul-14 3:13 pm
Lol you are silly:)



28-Jul-14 3:17 pm
@TheHBKbigred: Atlanta don't wear much lol



 TheHBKbigred (12)    (42 / M-F / Utah)
28-Jul-14 3:19 pm
@justhere: You don't know the half of it



28-Jul-14 3:21 pm
Lol you are silly:)



28-Jul-14 3:24 pm
Is that the smiles? I'm going to try it Lol



28-Jul-14 3:25 pm



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