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The best place to meet someone. (by Suffolkgirl)

 Suffolkgirl (0)   (47 / F-M / England)
28-Jun-14 7:51 pm
Where do u think the best place to meet a partner is ?



28-Jun-14 8:30 pm
@Suffolkgirl: Anyplace that 'your type of man', WOULD be. Houses of worship, car shows, antique dealers, golf courses, even giant food markets... Lol .



 Lionface (9)    (63 / M-F / Louisiana)
28-Jun-14 9:28 pm
@Suffolkgirl: anywhere decent as long as you meet them.,



28-Jun-14 9:50 pm
Yep anywhere decent n nice



 susiesoup32 (-1)  (35 / F-M / New York)
9-Feb-22 5:29 pm
You know some times i think been lonely is like a sense of accomplishment , independence, and free.Sometimes easier to make decisions, which may be good, I think; yet it is also hard because of the lack of emotional support, very lonely all the time..
Some times i feel It okay's because I can concentrate my energy toward my career and life goals.However, I always want someone with whom I can share my dream and thoughtfulness and he also wants to share his with me.It is very important to have a balance in life.



 seira18 (0)  (34 / M-M / Philippines)
7-Jan-23 12:13 am
597. seira[Warning: Posting Phone Numbers is not allowed. Please follow the rules.] / M-M / Philippines)
Today 7:58 am
Hi! I'm new here. Looking for dating a man. I just want to meet someone who I will vibe. No pressure. Let's just try to connect and hopefully we'll find each other's company comforting until we suited to progress in a relationship. Let's get to know each other well. I am a super loving person. Hopefully, yoy will find me fun to talk and be with. I am excites to know you. Dump me a dm. :)



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