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BB Code: Make your posts COME ALIVE! (by Andres)

 Andres (105)     (Admin)
6-Mar-12 2:20 pm
BB Code allows your posts to come alive by giving you the ability to format your posts in any way you like. This is a common feature on many forums, so we're sure many of you will already be familiar with it. Below is a cheat sheet for how to format your text using BB Code.

You can activate BB Code by surrounding your text with the BB Code tag you want like this: [TAG]Your text[/TAG]

Remember to always close your tags with a slash and the name of the tag: [/TAG]

BB Code Tags are NOT case-sensitive.

BB Code Cheat Sheet:

Bold, Italics, and Underline
[B]text[/B] = text
[I]text[/I] = text
[U]text[/U] = text

Colored Text
[COLOR=RED]text[/COLOR] = text
[COLOR=BLUE]text[/COLOR] = text
[COLOR=GREEN]text[/COLOR] = text

[URL][/URL] =
[URL=]Click here.[/URL] = Click here.

[IMG][/IMG] =

Bulleted Lists

[list][*]list item 1[*]list item 2[/list]
  • list item 1
  • list item 2

Numbered Lists
[list=1][*]list item 1[*]list item 2[/list]
  1. list item 1
  2. list item 2

Link to a Category, Forum, Thread or Post
[c]7[/c] = this Category
[f]8[/f] = this Forum
[t]4[/t] = this Thread
[p]15[/p] = this Post

Link to a User's Profile
[user]Andres[/user] = Andres

Quote a User or Text
[quote]Generic quote.[/quote] =
Generic quote.
[quote=Andres]Specific quote.[/quote] =
Specific quote.



10-Mar-12 2:06 pm
Seriously, who could be bothered



 Kaotikdad (0)   (42 / M-F / Florida)
10-Mar-12 4:01 pm
Wow i thought it took me forever to text b4



 flowersantonnette (0)  (49 / F-M / California)
11-Mar-12 3:51 am
[QUOTE=i want 2 know what you're thinkin i you're okay i want 2 be able 2 every my time with u



27-Mar-12 6:26 am
finding out i can use BB code on this site really made life interesting. There's so many other things that their leaving out here!!



 BeautifullyBrokenn91 (12)    (33 / F-M / Tennessee)
17-Jul-12 4:14 am
(Color=pink) Heyy (/Color)



17-Jul-12 4:41 am
tring this out



17-Jul-12 4:44 am
tring this again[FONT=VERDANA][FONT]



Last edited by Briteeyes1211; 17-Jul-12 4:46 am.
17-Jul-12 4:46 am
me too



Last edited by james85; 17-Jul-12 4:48 am.
17-Jul-12 4:48 am
Lol wheww i got close gotta use the [ ] symbols....the square shaped ones



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