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What's the baddest thing you've ever done to get revenge on someone? (by sweeterthejuic3)

4-Apr-14 4:06 am
Just curious!



 B3dR00m3y3z (11)  (40 / M-F / Texas)
4-Apr-14 4:12 am
@sweeterthejuic3: I Take The 5th. Any More Questions You Will Need A Warrant. I Will Contact My Lawyer.



4-Apr-14 4:13 am
@B3dR00m3y3z: Oh alrighty, that bad huh?



 B3dR00m3y3z (11)  (40 / M-F / Texas)
4-Apr-14 4:13 am
Err I Mean Revenge Oh No I Always Turn The Other Cheek



 B3dR00m3y3z (11)  (40 / M-F / Texas)
4-Apr-14 4:17 am
@sweeterthejuic3: Well I'm No Chapo Guzman But S.hit Happens



4-Apr-14 4:53 am
@B3dR00m3y3z: okay...



 BigPapaRedneck (11)       (45 / M-F / Kansas)
4-Apr-14 5:38 am
I used to work as a bounty hunter part time. Paid for a couple rounds of brews by taking one of my sister's boyfriends in. He was a lowlife and I warned him away. He came by to talk to my sister and ended up in jail in the next county.



4-Apr-14 5:40 am
@BigPapaRedneck: jail for what?



 BigPapaRedneck (11)       (45 / M-F / Kansas)
4-Apr-14 5:49 am
@sweeterthejuic3:. Posession with intent and battery on a law enforcement officer.



 Hawks1 (17)   (45 / F-M / United States)
4-Apr-14 5:50 am
One of my coworkers once rubbed chapstick belonging to another coworker all around the cat's rectum..



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