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Jonjon (by Jonjon83)

 Jonjon83 (0)   (36 / M-F / Mississippi)
12-Mar-14 12:30 pm
Hello ladys hope things goin well on here. Just like to no. If any women would luv bein wit a guy who is lock up :-(



 sexigal4u (4)   (36 / F-M / England)
13-Mar-14 1:33 pm
I like to be wit sme 1 like u jon jon. But u changed to verified pics



 sexigal4u (4)   (36 / F-M / England)
13-Mar-14 1:37 pm
Jus cuz ur lock up dnt make u different to other guy jus wud like to knw ur beter



 Jonjon83 (0)   (36 / M-F / Mississippi)
14-Mar-14 9:26 am
Well. Back on ya. Is yu beta den sum. Hell i hear all da time. I beta den her. She don no wat she did. She is so crazy. But at da same time. It can always be da main one in da face. Atlease imma try to keep it 100 it all depends on who im wit. Cause bein lock up 9 straight almost. Yu got to have learn sum thing. If not den. Yu gotta be slow lol:)



 Jonjon83 (0)   (36 / M-F / Mississippi)
14-Mar-14 9:32 am
@sexigal4u: Say lil round. I didnt just say nun all out da way did it. I mean if i did den let me no yu feel me. I like a person who speaks der minds regardless of wat who wen where why lol but yu seem to be cool. So wats up ?



 sexigal4u (4)   (36 / F-M / England)
14-Mar-14 12:41 pm
Im trying to read wat u said. Hope ur ok jon jon. Xx jus on me lunch break xx



 sexigal4u (4)   (36 / F-M / England)
14-Mar-14 12:46 pm
I wana knw u mre the guy tht I like ain't heard frm him for 2 weeks nw so ain't waiting around. X



14-Mar-14 2:54 pm
Cause bein lock up
9 straight almost. Yu got to have learn sum
Evidently, basic grammar is not one of those things.....



 sexigal4u (4)   (36 / F-M / England)
14-Mar-14 3:14 pm
Wats 9 straight Is tht years



14-Mar-14 3:18 pm
@Jonjon83: Nice prison lettin ya have access to internet dating site...I hope the bitch that murdered my big brother doesnt get such luxuries, especially since its my taxes payin for her stay:(



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