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Hey to all you nigerian women ! (by SKULLZ)

21-Feb-14 5:58 am
How's it going im proud to be a American ! lol ! lmdao



 impeccablesossy (33)   (33 / F-MF / Nigeria)
21-Feb-14 6:46 am
Hi...proud to be a nigerian



21-Feb-14 6:53 am
Hey so how's things in nigeria ? and maybe i could become king of nigeria just joking lol



 impeccablesossy (33)   (33 / F-MF / Nigeria)
21-Feb-14 9:03 am
Lol..things are aiit here



21-Feb-14 9:57 am
Proud to be a Nigerian too



21-Feb-14 10:45 am
@SKULLZ: Im happy your proud to be an American. But I don't think The Nigerian people could care less. Perhaps you should change your restriction settings, to USA only.. If there is an issue. Or make a thread in the USA forum. Or search for a USA only dating site. is GLOBAL. I see you are a newbie, less than 24 hrs, you might want to sit back & see how we roll here.



 rulost2 (35)     (52 / M-F / Mississippi)
21-Feb-14 11:00 am
@Zilya777: good answer i think he was trying to be funny but it was'nt



21-Feb-14 11:03 am
@rulost2: Thanks. :-)



 rulost2 (35)     (52 / M-F / Mississippi)
21-Feb-14 11:08 am
@Zilya777: your welcome KIDS now days.lmao



21-Feb-14 11:14 am
Zilya...I think skullz just wanna get some attention..he needs proper orientation anyway ...who even knows if he is a nigerian under an american mask...his picture has not yet been verified..his identity is not yet established...kisses to u for that answer zilya...mwaaah



Last edited by pinket; 21-Feb-14 11:25 am.
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