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What Screams out scammer (by MikeN2012)

23-Jun-12 9:30 pm
I have been tryed to be scammed before by 3 scammers. I didnt give any money they all pulled on my heart strings for a while then outta no where they all started to hit me up for money with a sap story to follow what are the things i should look out for when checking out girls profiles that would scream out scammer\fake?



23-Jun-12 9:41 pm
That can't be put out here. They may be looking also.



24-Jun-12 1:25 am
Agreed with Ram ...Never educate the scammers or else they'll be very difficult to recognize once they are able to perform their evil craft perfectly.

Just to note : There are 2 types of scammers; one who use fake identities & the other is real identities but they all have one goal : TO DRAG YOU TO THE CLEANER! :(



24-Jun-12 11:42 am
@Rainbowbutterfly: Hey thank you for your reply on the matter i just dont want to run into another scammer as i see alot of the ladies here aren't verifyed at all and didnt know who's real and who would be a scammer iam takin it slow gettin back 2 the forums and just hanging out



Last edited by MikeN2012; 24-Jun-12 11:47 am.
24-Jun-12 11:59 am
You're welcome Mike :).. Use the free tools available online on how to guard yourself not to be a victim of scamming...That's good; take it slowly but surely :D



24-Jun-12 12:08 pm
@Rainbowbutterfly: lol yea i want ppl to get the real me. Iam differnt now, much happier with myself not depressed anymore so takin it slow and tryin 2 post new threads that are cool. So glad 2 c ppl reply again i just dont know what to post because alot of the suff i wanted to post has already been takin just tryin 2 think of threads any way thank you for ur reply hope to c more ladies replys hows ur search going?



24-Jun-12 1:25 pm
I'm not searching for a gentleman . I am happy and contented right now :D..I am enjoying the forums , meeting friends and the subject of my hobby is also here :D

You can definitely add your thoughts and opinions in any existing topics/threads . Your opinion is surely different from the rest



 GrimReaper2002 (0)    (39 / M-F / Tennessee)
25-Jun-12 9:28 am
All u have to fo is not trust anyone



 brats52005 (52)    (53 / F-M / California)
25-Jun-12 9:41 am
Here some advice if you cant think of anything for people to answer to answer there threads also. It help long as you are you and not being someone else.



29-Jun-12 6:38 am
All u have to fo is not trust anyone
Agreed. Never trust and believe instantly...

Trust must be earned not given away...



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