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Not many english on here? (by ipb1977)

 ipb1977 (1)    (45 / M-F / England)
12-Mar-12 7:53 pm
Hi seems like there is not many english people on? Any girls that are wanna get to know me? Also any one from else where wanna chat and be friends?



13-Mar-12 6:17 pm
I have noticed that there isnt many english people on here aswell



 naughtyboy (0)  (51 / M-F / England)
14-Mar-12 11:32 pm
Cmon brits, lets get talkin .anyone wanna chat with naughtyboy ?



 Randalflagg (3)   (36 / M-F / England)
15-Mar-12 12:14 am
Hey fellow brits.....guess most of them have a life



16-Mar-12 3:17 pm
You just gotta keep trying! And quite a few are mental anyway!



 gemolly1704 (0)  (36 / F-M / England)
24-Mar-12 10:38 am
Haha we're not that bad!



 Dave1992 (-1)  (29 / M-F / England)
9-Apr-12 1:14 pm
Im english what to chat



 patrick83 (1)  (38 / M-F / England)
16-Apr-12 8:21 am
Hi. im english. i live in cornwall. any girls living in or near cornwall fancy a chat ? ;-}



 xxDxx25 (0)  (36 / F-M / England)
17-Apr-12 7:13 pm
It must just be me but i seem to attract the wired/mean ones lol just gona smile and carry on



17-Apr-12 7:44 pm
most not all just seem to be players where are the proper British men at?



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