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Feel Free to post your lies &/or made up fake stories (by Martian)

26-May-13 6:54 pm
I'll start... Today, I seen a Bald Eagle wearing a toupee & carrying a case of Rogaine.



26-May-13 6:57 pm
omg. so yesterday, last year, I was hiking while driving my car up a mountain over this bridge in Canada while down in Florida and I saw a homeless man in his multimillion dollar mansion with a for sale sign, offering tours! So I stopped and asked 'How much?' While I kept on going and I went in but only saw the front of it. it was awesome, I wish I hadn't needed to pee, or I mighta stopped, But I only had a few minutes before my mom died to make it to her hospital room, I needed 25$ and I had no way out of Africa... You know what I mean?



26-May-13 7:01 pm
@mrb89: I sure do know what you mean.



26-May-13 7:01 pm
I went 12 minutes without oxygen when I was being born. TRUE
They said there was probably brain damage. FALSE maybe.



26-May-13 7:04 pm
@mrb89: I sure do know what you mean.
the sad part is, that all was just off the top of my head, given a while I coulda come up with a better fake story... but I was going for comical. This reminds me of a game called true/false where you state 6 things, either 5 false, one true or three true, three false. But the other players have to guess what is what. lol.



 Hawkeye58 (35)    (65 / M-F / Arizona)
26-May-13 7:04 pm
I once caught a fish this big



26-May-13 7:05 pm
This one time, in band camp...



26-May-13 7:09 pm
I once caught a fish this big
So did you take it home & named him Di*c$k



26-May-13 7:10 pm
This one time, in band camp...
you stoled mine!!



26-May-13 7:11 pm
This one time, in band camp...
you stoled mine!!
Slowpoke lol



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