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Bout to die (by Asstin)

18-Mar-13 9:26 pm
i dont think that i have ever worked so hard before i need a bud lite n a couple hand fulls of tylenol after i get out of the shower ny body want to help me keep from fallin asleep?



18-Mar-13 9:39 pm
@Asstin: helllo there :)



18-Mar-13 9:42 pm
@CookieRaider: hey u have good timing



18-Mar-13 10:22 pm
@Asstin: do I now? How so lol



18-Mar-13 10:30 pm
Take a ice bath



19-Mar-13 12:12 am
@CookieRaider: text me at [Warning: Posting of Contact Info is not allowed. Please follow the rules.] n ill tell u



19-Mar-13 12:25 am
@Asstin: hun you cant post your contact info lol only through private message



19-Mar-13 12:27 am
@MsAlwaysRight: lol not enough ice



19-Mar-13 12:28 am
@CookieRaider: well ur contact restrictions wont let me message u



 xSinneDx (21)    (42 / M-F / Arizona)
19-Mar-13 12:33 am
Sup yall



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