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Hey mobi (by Ram318)

12-May-12 3:34 pm
Did mobi disappear on anyone else for a bit?



12-May-12 3:43 pm
@no just u we all was hiding from u .lol ....yea it disappered on me for a few mintues ..I thought it was my stuiped phone



 heikeva (69)   (60 / F-M / Bayern)
12-May-12 3:45 pm
Yep same problem was ready 2 throw my computer!!! Out the ;p-



 Andres (105)     (Admin)
12-May-12 3:46 pm
Did mobi disappear on anyone else for a bit?
Yup, our hosting service took us down for a few minutes to fix a hardware issue. All should be good now.

By the way, out of curiosity, why do you guys call us "mobi" ?



12-May-12 3:46 pm
@sweetgeorgiapeachbbw: hahahaha good one!



12-May-12 3:47 pm
@Andres: Jus a shortcut for, for me anyway :)



 heikeva (69)   (60 / F-M / Bayern)
12-May-12 3:53 pm
@Andres: what would you suggest we call it sir lol



 Andres (105)     (Admin)
12-May-12 4:40 pm
@Andres: Jus a shortcut for, for me anyway :)
OK, that explains it. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows we're actually "" (pronounced "dating dot moe bee"), otherwise if people are spreading the word about us being "mobi", no one is ever going to find us! :) "mobi", or .mobi is actually our domain extension, which is an extensions similar to .com but specifically for mobile sites (e.g.

@Andres: what would you suggest we call it sir lol
Among the insiders, call us whatever you like, just make sure you refer to us as "" when telling outsiders about us! ;)



12-May-12 5:02 pm
@Andres: Good to know! I was also suprised to find has a twitter acct. Maybe u cud add that to the website somewhere so people will know :) Or maybe u do and I jus haven't seen it



12-May-12 6:25 pm
There's a d1ck joke there sumwhere :)



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