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I am a single dad to a baby girl i am alone in this (by matikens)

 matikens (1)  (28 / M-M / Ohio)
1-May-12 2:13 am
My little girls mom gave all parental rights cuz she wanted to party it up anybody wanna talk and help me out



 Xxxdonna1 (Banned)
1-May-12 2:27 am
Your a good man for keeping your baby when she abandoned you both



 saintinasinnerseye (4)   (33 / F-MF / Florida)
1-May-12 6:01 am
There are women who would kill for a child.. then their are women like your daughter's mother. its a shame. my sister is the same way. pills were more important to her than her beautiful, intelligent, daughter.



1-May-12 6:57 am
I love kid's break's my heart when people do that it happened to me when i was a kid :-(



 brats52005 (52)    (51 / F-M / California)
1-May-12 7:17 am
I am sorry. I cant imagine hurting my children this way. But if you ever need advice please feal free to message me.



 matikens (1)  (28 / M-M / Ohio)
1-May-12 11:49 am
Ok thanks every one her moms only seen her twice after she was born



3-May-12 11:39 am
Ok thanks every one her moms only seen her twice after she was born
im so sorry. Id like to be friends. I was going to message you some advice in private but i dont meet your contact restrictions. Lol um i guess best thing i can say to do is always live for your daughter. She is your life. No man or woman should ever take her place. As long as you do your best and give her everything she deserves your baby is going to turn out beautiful and intelligent and shes going to love her daddy because he gave her the world in her hands. Good luck my friend. Though with your attitude i dont think you will need it much. Your a strong independent parent. And i gotta say we dont know eachother but im proud of you :)



 saintinasinnerseye (4)   (33 / F-MF / Florida)
3-May-12 3:24 pm
My father took my brother and I from my mother when we were young and left to Florida to start all over. they were both messed up on allot of heroin and cocaine.

but my father left and lived with my aunt for a little while for help and to clean up. I never knew my mother growing up. but met her when I was older. it was probably for the best. she may not br an addict now, but she's not much different than she was then. but my father wanted change and he made it happen. with the right ambition you can do anything. and your baby girl will help motivate you in ways you've never known.

my sister is a pillhead and doesn't have much to do with her daughter. its sad. she just turned 5 in April. but my parents have custody of her. and for the time being I also live there. she spends most of her time with me or my stepmother. even when her mother is home.



 VANDAPUSSY (0)    (37 / M-F / Nigeria)
3-May-12 11:32 pm
Am an only child; I have a daughter



6-May-12 11:04 am
Hey!be strong for ur lilgrl or better find a rite woman hu will take care of u both, everythng is POSIBLE.



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