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Cheap, fast& easy;)lol (by Sammy2)

17-Jan-13 1:25 am
I have seen a couple people interested in quick easy recipes& since I have a few Ima start posting them under this thread:) Anyone else got any feel free to share!:-) My first one is Mini Pizza & or Bean Tortilla's:) Topping suggestions: Mini Pepperoni, Chopped ham, black olives, sausage-make sure you cook and drain first:) or any other toppings of your flour tortillas on baking sheet, spread pizza sauce OR refried beans on tortillas add toppings and shredded [email protected] 275 degrees until cheese is melted:) Enjoy:)



 Anarchaic (3)    (33 / M-F / Texas)
17-Jan-13 1:30 am
I used to make those as a kid in the microwave



17-Jan-13 1:32 am
Yeah they are microwavable but for a aris crust use oven:)



17-Jan-13 2:32 am
Yeah they are microwavable but for a crispy crust use oven:)



17-Jan-13 2:43 am
Chicken and dumplins anyone? :) Dice and place 2 large chicken breast in approx. four cups water, add 1 large can chicken broth, can of mixed veggies, bring to boil. Use Jiffy Baking mix or other cheap powdered biscuit mix- make dumplings according to box:)Canned biscuits work as well:) Cook until dumplings are fluffy-the box mix works best for fluffy:)lol:) Anyone else got any?



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19-Jan-13 10:11 pm
Chicken casserole:

2 box chicken stuffing
3 large cans of chicken
3 cans cream of chicken
16 Oz. sour cream

Preheat oven 375
Cook stuffing
Mix chicken (drained), sour cream & cream of chicken
put in 13 x 9 baking pan, top with stuffing
Bake until edges boil

This is absolutely delicious!



4-Feb-13 3:22 am
stir fry tofu with jasmine rice. cube tofu place between two paper towells and put a cutting board on top to drain. Cut whatever veggies u want bite size. Heat oil in wok or skillet. Add tofu. Cook till slightly browned and remove to the side. Add two tbsp oil and add chopped garlic and ginger. Add veggies. When warm, add tofu, three tbsp soysauce and one tbsp hollondaise. Simmer until sauce is thick. Stir, serve on a bed of jasmine rice. :)



4-Feb-13 4:39 am
Mmmmm those both sound good yall:) I just saw a spaghetti sandwich on T.V. Lol:) they just used leftover spaghetti and garlic buttered bread-grilled it like a grilled cheese-sounds good to me:)lol



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