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Looking for a total caring guy (by Sagoe)

 Sagoe (2)    (28 / F-M / Nigeria)
15-Jan-13 7:04 pm
I hate liars kk u got to be responsible got it



 teddy4u (0)   (29 / M-F / Ghana)
15-Jan-13 7:21 pm
yeah thats it ... real man will never show you fake .. couldnt get more fans to make their music hit ... lets see what you up to ..I'm not into sham'mour'



 Mast3r239 (0)    (37 / M-F / Florida)
15-Jan-13 7:46 pm
@Sagoe: u flagging



 mayank9963 (0)   (28 / M-F / Nagaland)
15-Jan-13 8:17 pm
@Sagoe: i nvr lied.. Wan 2 b my g.f.



16-Jan-13 6:22 am
I hate liars kk u got to be responsible got it
Problem is ... Whether you agree it or not , people lie for a variety of reasons and doubt if you can find someone who don't lie ( a white lie is still a lie )!



 Anarchaic (3)    (33 / M-F / Texas)
16-Jan-13 6:27 am
Ppl say they hate lies but wen u tell tha absolute truth ppl say ur an *******



 Felix23 (0)   (30 / M-F / Nigeria)
16-Jan-13 8:44 am
Every body is a lier ask my y



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