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I am a total nerd:) (by Sammy2)

9-Jan-13 11:14 pm
Pictures can be deceiving ya'll:) I am such a geek, I have books all around me, cannot survive without playing my Scrabble Phone app at least once a day, just stopped using a fanny pack & will use eyeliner to write with if I am pen or pencilless lol is that a word? pencilless? I think not-let me check my Scrabble dictionary;) Oh and of course my glasses are broken so I strap them to my head w duct tape when I really need em:)



9-Jan-13 11:18 pm



9-Jan-13 11:20 pm
@Sammy2: thats cool! fair play to you :D



9-Jan-13 11:24 pm
@Sammy2: Omg Sammy love reading your posts your so funny :D hmmm Since i have a Cyber mums,brothers,sisters and no Uncle or Aunts May i call you Funny Aunt Sammy lol :)



 missCHIE (27)    (27 / F-MF / Philippines)
9-Jan-13 11:38 pm
:) Sammy that was funny!



9-Jan-13 11:41 pm
@Giggles: Aw thanks Girl-Im enjoying this stuff WAY too much:)lol The people who comment regularly really seem like a great bunch to chat with!:) and yes of course call me wut you want just DONT Call Me Maybe-I hate that song! lol Im a Mama on here and an Auntie already-does a heart good:)



9-Jan-13 11:43 pm
@missCHIE: ty young-un:) How are you today? As you can see I have nothing else to do but sit on here and talk to EVERYONE:)LOL my gbabies are all sick w flu so they didnt come today:(



10-Jan-13 12:54 am
@Sammy2: Yay woohoo i have a Aunty Sammy :) yay :)



10-Jan-13 1:46 am
@Giggles: Im used to it:) I have eleven siblings lol;)



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