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Urban Dictionary (by April666)

25-Dec-12 2:56 am
Police Navidad

when a Christmas party gets out of control, and the cops are called

It was all Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth ‘til the fight broke-out and, next thing I knew, it was Police Navidad.



25-Dec-12 2:58 am

to be out of marijuana

aye we need to hit the weed spot dawg we dankrupt



25-Dec-12 3:00 am
Lmao. I just wish i wasnt dankrupt. Hopefully santa will drop off a big sack tonight. Lol



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25-Dec-12 3:05 am
Cutlerish -

A gigantic *****. Acting in a cowardly, timid or unmanly manner, especially in the presence of brave men. In general terms, the perceived failure to demonstrate sufficient robustness in the face of a challenging situation.

A reference to the 2011 NFC championship game in which Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears, who was performing poorly, left the game with a knee injury, and did not return, despite his team being down and his being able to walk around on the side line.

My buddy is trying to break it off with his girl, but hes being really cutlerish about it



25-Dec-12 3:13 am

Noun. Another term for a penis.

She was keen enough to play hide the sausage until she saw the size of Bob's jaloopie



 scarletblueshy (13)    (46 / F-M / Texas)
25-Dec-12 3:34 am
omg!!! this is great need for TV when you have a dating sight with the worlds largest dictionary! :) nice i learn something new everyday. thank you guys.



25-Dec-12 3:54 am
Metal Music

Possibly the gratest genre of music ever conceived by man .... Ever! Not only is Metal one of the oldest and most robust genres of music, spanning back as far as the 70s when the band Black Sabbath combined Blues and rock with dark lyrical content and down tuned guitars (Most metal heads will agree that Black Sabbath "invented" metal), but its also the most diverse genre of music. Five Common Genres of Metal are Heavy,Thrash, Death, Black and Power and this branches off into all different fusion an crossover genres, there are now hundreds of different Metal variants, which is one of the reasons it has survived and thrived for so long.

Metal music generally is a very fast, aggressive, loud and technical sounding music, ofcourse it depends on what type is i mentioned erlier, there are so many different types. After Black Sabbath, metal bands started growing and progressing but still keeping the same raw sound.

From the 1980's up to today metal has evolved into so many different forms such as Black metal, Death metal, Groove metal, Progressive metal, Power metal, Gothic metal, Funk metal, Folk metal, Rap metal, Punk metal, Experimental, Stoner metal, Drone metal, Sludge Metal, Industrial metal, Extreme metal and hundreds of different combinations of the above.

Warning, watch out for fake metal or poser metal bands or emo bands such as Bring me the Horison, Suicide Silence, Black Veil Brides, Slipknot, to name a few.

(Non metal Emo kid): BMTH and Suicide Silence are the most Brutal bands ever!!!!!!!

(Metal head): ****ing lol.

(Emo kid): WHAT? UR U SERIOUS ???? Metal Music IS GAY!!

(Metal head): then simply puts some Strapping young lad on full volume, emo kid's then explodes into a wonderfull rainfall of blood an guts witch lands on the ground spelling out the letters METAL IS ****ING AWESOME !!!!



25-Dec-12 3:59 am
bel aired

hooking a reader on to a particular story then replacing the climactic part with lyrics from the "fresh prince of bel-air" theme song.

She slowly unzipped her dress, as my throbbing hardon grew larger, she gently carressed it and my mom got scared She said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air'. you've been bel aired.



25-Dec-12 4:02 am

These guys are homophobic and are also terrified of antique shops. They are extremely concerned about being perceived as gay and they try to cover it up by standing with their arms crossed looking into space. Sometimes they whistle. If there are other homoantiqophobes in the store, they stand and talk about useless sports scores. It is fun to try to talk about antiques with them. They usually have NRA or NFL jerseys and caps on.

"Get a load of the homoantiqophobes over there. Watch this: "Hey, handsome, check out these lovely teacups and saucers." "Hey, I'm not gay. Okay?" Man, these guys must LOVE victoria's secret.Q



25-Dec-12 4:07 am
C hristmas

syn. to Yule/Yuletide, originally a pagan holiday incorporated into the Christian religion to ease the shock of converting the pagans. jesus was born around april 19th.

In order to convert the germanic huns, jesus was portrayed as a warrior, in order to convert the romans, he was displayed as a kind but fierce saint. in both instances holidays were absorbed into the christian religion so that the new converts would not have to rememorize holidays and festivals.



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