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A little bout me :) (by camziggy18)

26-Nov-12 5:35 am
Im Christie, born and raised in West Tennessee. Im nothing but country with a touch of class. I enjoy the outdoors, rodeo's, races, spending time at the lake, etc, but honestly its not the activity i like its the company im spending it with. I have 4 tattoo's and want atleast 3 more. I do have an accent and am very shy, im short and sweet but if u tick me off i'll chew u up and spit u out and not think twice about it lol. I love to smile, i love to make a man feel as tho hes the only man and i like feeling as tho im the only woman as well. Im pretty simple really, jus a lil ole country girl. Oh and i also love to dance....bow chica wow wow



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 camziggy18 (8)    (30 / F-M / Tennessee)
26-Nov-12 5:45 am
Many ppl make fun of me because of my accent and i work at walmart as a cashier and when i say howdy how are yall everyone looks at me funny. And i have a bad temper i have told many of my customers to shove it because they think they better than me



26-Nov-12 5:46 am
Hey im spacer . I once found a pube in my soup in macdonalds . The trouble is macdonalds doesnt sell soup and i ordered a big mac . Lol



26-Nov-12 5:49 am
@camziggy18: awe people are morons. I am from WV... I talk funny too :P
we can have a club, of funny talkin people.



26-Nov-12 5:53 am
Yeah people are morons. I think a southern accent is good on a girl. Don't worry about it, brt you have a wonderful accent and sound just fine!



26-Nov-12 5:55 am
We are southern, we dont talk funny, the rest of the world does. They only wish they could say yall and aint and smack yo moma with a hickory stick and call grocery carts buggies (had a canadian ask me about that one lol) We are sexy and known for our sexy accents. :)



 camziggy18 (8)    (30 / F-M / Tennessee)
26-Nov-12 6:32 am
@Briteeyes: i so agree and be able to say purdy instead of pretty and not get the evil eye. I always had teachers try and stop me from usin them words but they told me to express myself so i did :D



26-Nov-12 6:36 am
^ Should never be anyone but yourself and I have to agree. I apparently have a *slight* southern accent on some words but nothing heavy. I do think a southern accent can be quite sexy. Can't believe you (or anyone) get teased so much for it.



26-Nov-12 6:38 am
@camziggy18: your accent defines who you are so i wouldnt worry about it :D



 camziggy18 (8)    (30 / F-M / Tennessee)
26-Nov-12 6:46 am
I love my accents its others that have the problem i think they secretly jealous cause they aint got it lol



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