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Single 20yr bi women seeking 45yr women or male (by miranda1991)

 miranda1991 (0)  (32 / F-MF / Arkansas)
19-Apr-12 9:52 pm
Hi im a single bi female looking for a 45yr female or male or bothso hit me up



27-Apr-12 5:25 pm
@miranda1991: why 45? y not 30s? lol just saying



 BKoehler (0)    (58 / M-F / Texas)
5-Jun-12 3:53 am
I am a single male, soon to be 47 on the 16th
How does that sound?



5-Jun-12 3:57 am
I smell something fishy....



5-Jun-12 3:59 am this thread was started 1 and a half months ago



5-Jun-12 4:03 am
Agreed, i can smell it up to here :D



5-Jun-12 4:05 am
@miranda1991: why 45? y not 30s? lol just saying
Coz life begins at 40 :D



5-Jun-12 4:08 am
Hmmm i dont like this thread, smells like snails



5-Jun-12 4:20 am
@Briteeyes1211: y u say that brite



5-Jun-12 4:23 am
Im always lost



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