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Eclipse. (by CallMeMaybe)

14-Nov-12 1:25 am
Today was an exciting day for New Zealand and parts of Australia :) Because we got to see the Eclipse :) its the 1st time in my life seeing an Eclipse it was pretty :) ..



 Tinman02 (8)    (47 / M-F / North Carolina)
14-Nov-12 1:35 am
I bet that was awesome!!! I heard it wldnt happen again for three yrs. I saw a lunar eclipise when i was a little kid



14-Nov-12 1:39 am
@Tinman02: Wow now thats something i want to see :D The Luna Eclipse :)



 Tinman02 (8)    (47 / M-F / North Carolina)
14-Nov-12 1:47 am
What was today like?



14-Nov-12 2:30 am
@Tinman02: It was Awesome :) Everyone was standing outside , It was so pretty :)



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