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Wtf? (by xlace38x)

 ajay488 (2)    (35 / M-F / India)
9-May-14 12:00 pm
No dear



9-May-14 12:07 pm
@ajay488: Well then.. You just conciously broke a rule, by asking for Karma. You should of taken the 'out' card, I handed you. LOL. Have a good day, good life, goodbye.



 TheHBKbigred (12)    (43 / M-F / Utah)
9-May-14 12:10 pm



 CMJay (2)    (35 / M-MF / Nigeria)
9-May-14 12:11 pm
Karma appeal lmao. So lame. Work 4 it bro



9-May-14 12:25 pm
Hhaa!! Are there any cookies on this thread? Someone give me one, or report me.. Wtf ?!



 TheHBKbigred (12)    (43 / M-F / Utah)
9-May-14 12:28 pm
@Zilya777: Right here. Want some milk too? I going to sit back and see what happens



9-May-14 12:39 pm
@TheHBKbigred: Sure.. I'll have my morning coffee & wait & see if or when.. There is a forum blackout or strike ! Lol



9-May-14 12:54 pm
@xlace38x: that sme guy told me that and asked if i wanted to see it at first i thought he ws drunk i didnt know it ws something sexual :)



9-May-14 12:56 pm
Wah i want cookies



 tat2d1976 (12)    (44 / M-F / North Carolina)
9-May-14 1:02 pm
Freak? perv? hell I resemble both but my freaky perv doesn't come out to strangers on the net. Just being honest



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