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Best fake person one liners! (by Hours)

 JustMeAndYou77 (17)   (46 / F-M / Florida)
21-Sep-12 8:38 pm
ok, thank you so much for trying to help. I will go ahead and get in contact with him.:)



21-Sep-12 9:35 pm
@JustMeAndYou77: All phones are able to send things to email. Switch the mode to letters instead of numbers on your cell. For mine i press the FN key to alternate letters and numbers as well as symbols.



21-Sep-12 11:11 pm
Am I ugly ? Yet obviously the pic is a stolen image of a pretty/ handsome face

Am I cute / hot ? Yet the unverified pic shows parts of the body that must be hidden ...



21-Sep-12 11:24 pm
You see, that's the problem. Ive tried sending pics from my phone to an email address. In facebook, I had to send my pic to my sister's phone and she sent it directly to my email. As for typing in the secret email address, it will only allow me to type or add in an actual phone number. I can't type an email address out when trying to send the pic. That's where Im screwed.
Add the secret email address into your contacts and instead of putting it in as a number put it in as an email and then send it. That should work.



 Wiccangoddess (10)    (40 / F-M / New Jersey)
5-Nov-12 11:25 am
For me its the africans that want to marry me right away. U no they r only looking for a green card. Had 1 guy take every turn down as an advancement. Kept telling me I'm so honest n he loved it n we needed to b together. I hate that I end up being judged mental n automaticlly ignore most pm from africa but I'm sry I'm not gonna marry u so u can get a green card, n if I do u better believe that ur gonna have a serious dowery to pay.



 phantomheart (0)   (33 / F-F / Florida)
5-Dec-12 1:54 am
It took me a little bit to get aquanted with the site to figure out where to go to get mine verified
See my issue is i cant even get a pic to upload from my cell. Ive sent it about six times and it still never shows up so its not so much that people with fake profiles use that line. I wish i could get my pix on here. But i think imma have to wait till around xmas when i get my comp back up and running to post any. Speaking of since i havent been on a comp in ages and i found this site a few months ago, are u even able to get on here from a comp or laptop?



 Hours (11)   (40 / M-F / Texas)
6-Dec-12 9:32 pm
To all who still say they can't finger out how to upload a pic need to stop and think of a friend with maybe a better phone and say hey ya mind snapping a pic and sending it here (I.e. Email) so in a world of people who have phones and not one will snap a pic blows my mind!! If there is worry of them having you secret email ooooh no what are the people you call friends going to do send another pic!! So with all that said some may throw a tiff others may not and no wonder most of you can't finger it out! "THE TOPIC IS NOT HOW TO UPLOAD A PIC IT'S BEST FAKE ONE LINERS LOL" star by going to a forum with the topic help! Ya kill me



Last edited by Hours; 6-Dec-12 9:34 pm.
 Zigman (3)    (57 / M-F / Pennsylvania)
25-Dec-12 12:33 pm
Lol i cant get a pic up on this site either. I even asked andres no responce ! All i fake iz: orgazmz ! ty. Tyvm !



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