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I was addicted once... (by MrRamtasticAkaRam318)

 Hawkeye58 (35)    (61 / M-F / Arizona)
5-Sep-12 8:51 pm
@Hawkeye58: Oh I agree. There is a very bold line btween talking abt sex in an adult manner and just being pervy. I want the perviness gone and the adult talk to continue. And for the record, I do enjoy havn a wee bit of fun at a perves expense, buts its all in good fun.
I agree 100% with ya Rich, we used to have a lot of fun in the sex forum! And back then most everyone was acting as an adult! Most everything I post I view is for the good of the forums as a whole! If some people see it differently, I cant help that! I want to see the forums get better over time, rather than slip backwards, and if I've misunderstood a couple of the forums rules and mistakenly posted words concerning my misunderstandings, my apologies to everyone!



 Hawkeye58 (35)    (61 / M-F / Arizona)
5-Sep-12 9:47 pm
1. Andres (Admin)
24-Jul-12 4:37 am
Hello Folks,
This is just a friendly reminder to
please post your threads in the
correct sections and sub-forums. I
just finished handing out a lot of
infractions (which I hate doing)
because a bunch of people were
posting chat threads in the Feedback
section, music threads in the General
Discussion sub-forum, horny threads
in the Lounge, sports threads in the
Off-Topic sub-forum, etc.
We really need to keep the Forums
organized, and if you guys don't
help with that when you create your
threads, it means I have to be the
one to move around all those
threads to their correct location, and
if I'm spending time doing that, it
means I'm not spending time
improving the site for you guys.
So please remember, before you
post a new thread, look at all the
different sections that we have, and
make sure you post it in the correct
one. Any and all flirt threads should
be in the "Love Corner" section
under whatever sub-forum is most
appropriate for what you're looking
for. Any animal threads should be in
the Pets & Animal section, any
music-related threads in the Music &
Lyrics section, any "horny" or sex-
related threads in the Sex & Sexuality
sub-forums, etc. If your thread
doesn't fit in any of the sections,
then and only then should you put
them in the General Discussion or
Off Topic sub-forums.
Thanks for your help! :)
I guess I took this post literally. My mistake if I misunderstood what this post of Andres actually meant and sorry if I offended anyone for reminding anyone of what I thought it meant! My Bad!



5-Sep-12 10:18 pm
@Hawkeye58: Oh I don't think a helpful hint to a wayward poster is out of order



 Andres (104)   (Admin)
5-Sep-12 11:02 pm
I think that the users who feel that they need to edit themselves, or refrain from making a comment (In a respectful manner of course) should just go ahead and make the comment.

I have concluded that for those of us that care and want to see the forums grow, we need to report ALL disrespectful posts and quit editing ourselves.

I think that kind of touches on the *If you don't like the topic, avoid the thread* thing. No one forces our users to veiw threads that may offend them.

I think as adults we should be able to openly discuss sex, in all of its facets, without fear of ridicule.

We are all adults. We should have the maturity level as such.

As far as the opinions go, we should respect everybody opinions and debate them rather than get upset that theirs doesn't match ours. I agree that we are all adults and should act it instead of attacking each other and scaring others off from the forums

The forums have changed over the months, but then again so have the people, we've lost some and gained some.

There is a very bold line btween talking abt sex in an adult manner and just being pervy.

I want to see the forums get better over time, rather than slip backwards

and just some food for thought Andres...I really think it wld be beneficial if someone was absolutely positive abt the post they were receiving an infraction for. Then they cld more easily adjust thier behavior.
Will work on this.

The more that are here, the more chances interesting threads and opinions get stated.
True, but also the more chances of having crappier threads, and if the proportion of quality over hogwash doesn't change, then having more volume isn't really going to fix the problem. I want to fix the underlying problem before doing anything extra to increase the number of participants in the Forums. Once we have the Forums back on track, I'm all for making them as popular as possible, but I rather focus my efforts on fixing the underlying cause of these issues first.

Speaking of which, based on what I've read in this thread so far, I've added 3 new rules to the Forums:

Be mature and act like an adult.
Respect different points of view.
Don't get personal.

I know that adding new rules won't magically make everything better, but it will give us more leverage to deal with these issues when they pop up and hopefully allow us to quash them as soon as they do in order to neutralize them as a whole. But, folks, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, report any and all posts that violate our rules so I can take swift action and we can get the Forums back on track. Don't assume someone has already reported a post, and make sure you always report offending posts. In fact, the more reports about a post I see, the more likely I am to take action as it makes it clear to me that several users find it objectionable.




 Hawkeye58 (35)    (61 / M-F / Arizona)
5-Sep-12 11:34 pm
@Hawkeye58: Oh I don't think a helpful hint to a wayward poster is out of order
I thought that too, but obviously some folkes have a problem with it!



 IrishLove1988 (18)    (31 / F-M / New York)
6-Sep-12 3:29 am
Hey! I got a lot of Bingos! Do I get a cookie? :)



6-Sep-12 3:39 am
@IrishLove1988: I didn't know hamsters ate cookies



 4everteh1 (8)    (31 / M-F / Pennsylvania)
6-Sep-12 3:42 am
Wewt i got a bingo to but dam that was alot of bingos o.o



 IrishLove1988 (18)    (31 / F-M / New York)
6-Sep-12 3:46 am
@Ram: Of course we eat cookies!!!!! :-O Especially oatmeal cookies :)



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