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Looking for a date with anyone (by JimmyShacker18)

 JimmyShacker18 (0)  (48 / M-MF / Perak)
12-Aug-20 5:08 pm
Hello dearest everyone i am from middle east and looking for dating with one or group i like anything i like to have a dating with Malaysian or others i like everyone i am very good guy and alone i am also very hot i can take you to heaven if you would like it and interesting please inbox me i will appreciate about it. i am in kl near bukit bintang we can go hotel or in my place pls call me



 Kellydobbin (-1)  (38 / F-M / Virginia)
27-May-21 11:47 am
Long distance relationships can be difficult. Perhaps you are getting discouraged and wondering if you should give up on it. But you need to know that there is always a way to save your long distance relationship and avoid breakup . It is always good to build a relationship on common ground. As intimidating as online dating might appear, it is the best place to meet a wide variety of potential dates all from the comfort of your own laptop.



 Teelalex22 (0)  (41 / M-F / United States Minor Outlying Islands)
22-Jun-22 10:08 pm
I am single never married before,I don't have kids,I am am Sgt Pilot in the US Air Force,I am from Arizona USA.

I am very trust worthy,honest,caring with a big heart and have a great sense of humor,i am a very easy going person,and what i hate most are lies,fight,cheat,and drugs.

Am friendly,respectful,funny,caring,loving,passionate ,romantic and most of all a gentle and easily going with a good heart.




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