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Feeling lucky to be here for love (by Kathykate)

 Kathykate (0)  (38 / F-M / Michigan)
11-Jan-22 10:05 am
Am searching for that special partner to spend and share the rest of my life with, here I am feeling so excited because I have a strong believe to meet the man of my life soon..I like movies, playing golf for fun, all indoor activities, I am respectful, honest, easy going and a church goar, am hot with big heart so I need to be treat with so much love and respect.



 Greekstud89 (0)       (35 / M-F / New York)
11-Jan-22 5:24 pm
I play golf too.



 Greekstud89 (0)       (35 / M-F / New York)
11-Jan-22 7:32 pm
I play golf too.
What's the best round you've had last season?



 Greekstud89 (0)       (35 / M-F / New York)
11-Jan-22 7:33 pm
Have you ever played any courses here in New York?



 Greekstud89 (0)       (35 / M-F / New York)
11-Jan-22 7:36 pm
Also, who's your favorite golfer?
Mines Dechembou, Fyuric, and Michelson.



 mbeauty2 (-1)   (38 / F-M / California)
23-Mar-22 2:08 pm
She doesn?t want to bring kids into a world that she thinks has a bleak future, namely due to climate change and human and animal suffering. And her freedom and flexibility is extremely, extremely important to her. We live a lifestyle where we travel almost constantly and she does not want to give it up forever. She worries about having ****ty kids We have plans to travel throughout Alaska and Canada all summer and probably internationally in the fall.
I have not been trying to change her mind.As the title says it came to my attention from another mutual friend that this person is dangerous and likes to talk to young teenagers (14-16 year olds). I didn?t believe this person at first but then after some digging and my friend?s history I believed the mutual friend. Quick story short he was caught getting a ******* by a girl in a cinema whilst watching a children?s movie with children there, if that?s not bad enough there was also the fact that the girl had ran away from her parents a couple of months before and put into care , so she was vulnerable as it is. But now I?m also starting believing the other rumours I was told a while ago , that he had sexual desires for his sister 15 (F).We were relatively close friends so we both shared our passwords for Netflix etc, so I decided to log into his Snapchat. I find out a mixture of messages ranging from sexual driven to some really dark messages. The people who he had messaged had one thing in common , they all had a insecurity or a vulnerability either they were suicidal or had mental issues, he tried luring them all by saying he also felt this way , and it was okay and he will help in ?many ways? and told them not to tell anyone . At first he started off casual but as I read more and more messages he got really sexual and pervy. And that wasn?t even the most shocking revelation he also was messaging his sister?s best friend 15 (F), he told her not to say anything to anyone and they arranged secret meetups.Edit: I forgot to add that when he did speak to his sister's friend he was 18 at the time , still illega though. It's just all the other stuff i find creepy , i want to report his ass, but I think i first want to find out why he's doing this for.I?m stuck , I don?t know what to do, now , please help vSo we?re realizing it may not be good to prolong our relationship any longer, since we have different ideas about having kids. She has known that I have always wanted children, although I was not in a rush (think 5 years, give or take). I absolutely love playing with my nieces and am generally very good with kids. They?re fun! I have even been pretty blunt and said, less than a year into our relationship, that if she never wanted children, then we did not have a long-term future together. She was not very interested in having kids at that point in time, but didn?t close off the possibility that she could possibly want a child someday in the future. In fact, she referenced her own mother, who did not want kids at all until after she turned 35. Well, we revisited the issue last week, at least partially spurred on by her milestone 30th birthday and her mom?s recent prodding regarding having kids in the future. She?s decided firmly that she does not want kids at all now. I think her reasoning is pretty typical for people who don?t want kids, although some of it is pretty drastically the opposite of my own.I think that it has to be completely of her own volition. It?s just too big of a decision for me to try to convince her into. But I know that I am getting older, even though I don't mind being an older dad. She said that we ?don?t want to waste each other?s time if we need different long-term partners someday.? Her words, but I understand the logic. And I don't think it's just that she doesn't want my kids.The rest of our relationship is not perfect, but I firmly believe that we could work out any other issues, which are more run-of-the-mill. We are generally quite in love and affectionate to each other and enjoy our lives together and could otherwise spend the rest of our lives together.



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