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Hi everyone! favor----can you please...verify my pic? (by iloveubabe123)

4-Nov-13 2:43 pm
Please my dear friends kindly help me to verify my new profile pic also.thank you very much! It's me Teresa :);)



 Dblink1 (4)     (40 / M-F / Ghana)
4-Nov-13 4:23 pm
I just verified ure picture ok



5-Nov-13 12:23 am
@Dblink1:Hi!Good morning friend!i would like to thank you for one of the person who verified my pic.I just put back my previous profile pic because no one recognized me from my latest photo! Anyway,this photo was taken only last month.OK,thank you very much. Takecare and Godbless!!!!



 Mysimplelove (0)   (36 / M-F / Kerala)
23-Apr-14 2:55 pm
God bless you n me..!



 kissdblink (0)    (40 / M-F / Ghana)
3-Nov-21 9:56 pm
This verification to thing is good but sometimes it takes some days before it is done, I sent my picture four days ago and am yet to be verified, what is causing the delay. Please verify me okay so I can unlock most of the contact restrictions. Please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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