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Textin anyone? (by Skittles19)

 Skittles19 (13)    (25 / F-M / Tennessee)
22-Jan-13 3:15 am
Went off the scene for a bit. Now i'm back and in need of textin buddies. Hmu :)



 jakemann23 (9)   (31 / M-F / Illinois)
22-Jan-13 3:19 am
i hear ya im bored as hell lol hmu if ya want to



 XenosAesir (1)    (30 / M-F / Virginia)
22-Jan-13 3:28 am
ill text. i could use some new text friends. i sent my number to your inbox



 xlilxrainbowxloverx (4)    (25 / F-MF / Virginia)
22-Jan-13 3:29 am
@Skittles19: your contact restrictions wont let me message u :-(



 Skittles19 (13)    (25 / F-M / Tennessee)
22-Jan-13 3:39 am
@xlilxrainbowxloverx: oh no. Give me like 5 minutes and then try again:)



 Jbjc0511 (0)   (30 / M-F / Tennessee)
9-Apr-19 4:08 am
@Skittles19: [Warning: Posting Phone Numbers is not allowed. Please follow the rules.]



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