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Opinions plz (by americangirl82)

26-Jun-13 5:08 pm
@americangirl82: That's great!! I figured he probably wasn't making payments but just toss it up to lesson learned. U now know u can't trust him for anything. I'm glad u got it worked out where u keep the car...that's awesome...good job



 americangirl82 (1)    (39 / F-M / Missouri)
26-Jun-13 5:14 pm
@Briteeyes: yea me to the lady i talked to said all i gotta do is bring in the sale agreement and she could do one better and jus give me power of attorney since he was wantin to be a butthead about it i was like wow really thats great i was thrilled and relieved at the same time that i actually forgot to give her my name and info before i hung the phone up and had to call her back lol



26-Jun-13 5:21 pm
@americangirl82: lol that's funny. Excitement gets the best of us sometimes. :-)



 americangirl82 (1)    (39 / F-M / Missouri)
26-Jun-13 5:31 pm
@Briteeyes: yes it does speacially when he told me i wouldnt be able to do nothin even if i go to the car lot its amazin what 1 phone call can do and jus to be a fly on the wall when he goes in there next would make it even better lol cus i aint tellin him til after the papers are signed lol



26-Jun-13 5:35 pm
@americangirl82: Haaa!! U go girl. Id love to see a pic when he finds out u went over his head...gosh that would be priceless



 americangirl82 (1)    (39 / F-M / Missouri)
27-Jun-13 4:59 pm
@Briteeyes: yea it will def be priceless to bad i wont get to see it after all the crap hes put me thru that would make up for all of it but i guess the satisfaction of knowin he lost is good enough



 Team17 (0)    (45 / M-F / Missouri)
16-Feb-19 11:03 pm
@americangirl82: wassup 🙋



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