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Update to: my(28) girlfriend(29) moved in and quit her job (by Sparky)

 Sparky (0)  (26 / M-F / Massachusetts)
4-Feb-19 12:31 am
Update to: my(28) girlfriend(29) moved in and quit her job
Well last time I was here my girlfriend had to quit her job. But Had said she would still be able to pay rent with her residual income. The time came and she was late. And only paid a third of what she needed to.
Well I can’t move right now. Luckily my name is primary on the lease. And She is legally subletting with me. I went over a new lease agreement. And it has a weekly amount she has to pay me to catch up on rent and continue paying rent.
If she preaches this contract in accordance with my state law. She will be evicted. She refuses to talk to me. She refuses to leave her room. I told her that I don’t hate her and I still deeply care about her. But she has to pay or else she has to leave and I’ll find someone else to rent the second bedroom.
The place we rented have rooms for each of us so that we could have a private space as well as time with each other. If she’s not able to pay I’m planning on affecting her and finding someone else to rent.
My heart is broken. With the planning this for over a year. And I know she’s depressed. But she could go back to work tomorrow and make double what I do a day. With a career she’s in she could still go back to work even after having quit.
I loved her so much. And we had built detailed and amazing plans together. But she’s just stopped moving.
I know she’s depressed but I don’t know what to do for her. I’ve tried talking to her I’ve tried offering to help her. I’ve offered to take her to a doctor. I’ve told her that I’m there for her. But I can’t do this for her. It’s like she’s just given up.
And I love her, but this is not the agreement that we had together. If she was willing to go see a doctor I would at least be able to work with her. And find a way to make this work. But I can’t support somebody who sick and refuses to go see help. It’s been a month and a half since she moved and it’s been a disaster.
I feel like there should’ve been warning signs but there wasn’t. It’s like a flip switched and she’s turned into a different person. I’ve lost my girlfriend. It’s like she’s dead and there’s this shell standing in front of me.
I don’t know what else to do... i’ve given her all I can afford to give emotionally and monetarily and unless she’s willing to help her self I’m done.
TLDR: girlfriend did not pay the rent she promised she would. And has severe depression. I’ve tried to help her and I have no more to give.




 BigPapaRedneck (11)       (43 / M-F / Kansas)
4-Feb-19 1:07 pm
It's what grown folk do.



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