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Capetown (by Lola381)

22-Sep-12 12:09 pm
Not many people from Capetown South Africa are here on or perhaps when they are on then i'm sleeping this side of the planet here in Thailand because of timezone. I thought i could meet some Capetonians on here to chat :)....Thailand is a beautiful country i'm here almost 2yrs. However i miss my country i miss the fresh air the mountains and our lovely beaches.I miss that cosy spot for bon fires in Camps Bay area close to where the Atlantic meets with the Indian ocean...Hope i can meet nice South African people to chat...



 MattyP (0)    (28 / M-F / South Africa)
25-Oct-12 6:11 pm
Hey ill chat with you ... Just inbox me if you get online (:



26-Oct-12 1:31 am
Hi I cant inbox you....Restrictions..



 bobbykingz (0)   (30 / M-F / India)
5-Apr-18 6:42 am



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