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Masturbation secrecy!! (by Slowice)

 Slowice (0)  (54 / M-F / South Africa)
12-Mar-18 1:25 am
Who does that and why??
Masturbation Honesty is natural for me. Why deny my **** that pleasure to start with. Its like admitting my **** is faulty somehow but when ***** comes into play all is well. Its ****ing confusing your stupid self and being proud no one knows that you **** in stolen moments. **** that ****. I **** where and when my **** demands his rightful pleasure. Its my service plan for erection perfection staying on top that regular **** checkup and now at age 52 my **** gets three times the distance than 10 years ago.



12-Mar-18 9:40 pm



 bobbykingz (0)   (28 / M-F / India)
12-Mar-18 10:35 pm



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