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Testimonials?? lmao (by dip2)

 kittykrazyky (5)    (25 / F-MF / Kentucky)
29-Aug-13 3:40 pm
@wanderingirish: agreed



29-Aug-13 3:42 pm
I have a testimonial on here. It was real and probably includes a few spelling or grammatical errors because I was on my way out and really couldn't have cared less whether all who read it would pick it apart. I would imagine that many others were of the same mindset as I was.



29-Aug-13 3:45 pm
@WalkSoftly1: mistakes are inevitable.. but if its so bad that its like deciphering a language i wasnt taught then whats the point?
for whatever it's worth to you, i sometimes laugh or even cringe at some of the syntax errors i see. that being said, if such things are that bothersome to you, why waste your time reading them? don't you have anything better to do?



29-Aug-13 3:45 pm
@OneWitWonder: I know what you saying... doubt my last one had actual words in it... just filled the box and deleted



 kittykrazyky (5)    (25 / F-MF / Kentucky)
29-Aug-13 3:49 pm
I'd copy-paste my favorite song lol



 Reinmaker56 (8)   (61 / M-F / Texas)
29-Aug-13 4:55 pm
I aint a saying.



 bigbear66 (0)   (53 / M-F / South Africa)
19-Oct-17 1:00 pm
Well i am Afrikaans speaking. But i will try to get the correct spelling from my African coconut girls..... Today i will confess that i perfected masturbation to a very fine art indeed.... Sex is now reserved for extreme emergencies....... :)



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